Kelly Castafero 1st Blog, The Sociological Imagination

So far in Business, Government and Society, I think “The Sociological Imagination” by C. Wright Mills has been the most interesting reading assigned.  Through reading the piece before class and discussing it during class, I realized just how pertinent the arguments and viewpoints provided in the piece are for business.  The Sociological Imagination dealt a lot with change and how people react to it — the world is constantly experiencing change, and consequentially, so are businesses.  Additionally, the piece expressed the importance of people understanding the situations of others in order to understand their own situation.  In business, having positive interrelationships is essential to success.  The most important thing to take away from the reading, however, was the definition and application of Sociological Imagination, which relates back to the aforementioned idea of change.  According to Mills, we need this type of thinking, or Sociological Imagination, because the world changes too fast for people to adapt.  Similarly in business, people are presented with copious amounts of information that they have to sift through.  Therefore, they do not just need this information to get the job done, but also the correct mindset or quality of mind to sort through the information and know what to do with it.  Although “The Sociological Imagination” was not necessarily intended to be related to business, I found it to be very relevant as well as an easy read, and I took a lot away from it.

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