Campus Climate reaction

Immediately after the Campus Climate Task force released its report and subsequent recommendations, a majority of the students on Bucknell’s campus were up in arms.  “They want to get to rid of Greek life!? They want to get rid of house party weekend?! They think we are all the devil!”  While only some students actually sat down and read the report (I have to admit, I had to skim through most of it, as I do not have the time to devote to 68 pages of single-spaced material), almost everyone had something to say about it.  It was as if students felt that the Bucknell faculty were attacking each of us personally, and saying that we were lazy drunks who care more about hooking up than learning.  By taking the report personally, many students overlooked what may be good suggestions for the betterment of the Bucknell community.

As a proud member of a Greek organization and someone who loves to go out and have a good time, I still have to agree with a lot of what the Campus Climate Task Force said in its report.  Students at Buckell do drink excessively.  When friends visit me from other schools, they almost always mention how much we pre-game compared to their college, even my friends who go to large “party schools” such as the University of Maryland.  Additionally, there is a lot of hooking up going on at downtown parties, registers, etc.  Very few Bucknell students are dating, and most of those who are date people from other schools.  The hookup scene is a little out of control, and perhaps some of the suggestions from the Task Force can help.

However, I disagree with the statement that Bucknell student are not academic enough.  Although we party hard on the weekends, we are always working hard throughout the entire week.  The library is always crowded and students are determined and dedicated to their work.  It is a well-known fact, as someone mentioned during Campus Climate forum that Bucknell students end up in high-paying jobs and ultimately are successful if that is their goal.

As far as the recommendations go, they are just that… recommendations.  They are topics that will be broached but not necessarily brought into action.  The Task Force was merely giving suggestions to spark ideas that will improve the social scene at academic scene at Bucknell.  I do not believe eliminating Greek life is the answer (the problem is all the students at Bucknell, not just the Greeks).  As strange and illegal as this may sound, I think schools that have bars downtown that allow underage students in are actually better off.  That way, drinking is regulated by the amount of money that you have with you, these students don’t need to pre-game as much in their rooms before they go out, and if someone gets rowdy, they can be handled by the bar.  Any other suggestions?

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One Response to Campus Climate reaction

  1. tpm011 says:

    I agree with possibly being more relaxed with underage drinking. I don’t know if its from past experience or just a lack of thrill but ever since i turned 21 i do not have an urge to rip excessive shots before i go out, whereas in highschool and early years at bucknell it seemed like a good thing to do. Cultures in europe that have a lower drinking age don’t have binge drinking because they grow up with that culture where getting shit faced every time you drink is not the norm.

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