An Epic Battle is About to Begin (Facebook v. Google)

Google+ has officially opened up to the public. It has been open only to users by invitation until now. Launched in late June of this year, the Google social network now has over 25 million unique visitors each month and will now be growing quite rapidly with invitations open to public. I myself have been getting a growing number of people adding me to their “circles” of friends who have just signed up.

Twitter has 100 million active users and Facebook has 750 million active users. Google+ being out for only 1 full month had reached over 25 million users, so it has the potential, not only to catch and pass Twitter, but also Facebook if there is enough consistent growth in the near future.

With cool features like Google Search integration and Hangouts and Talk, users will have the functionality of both a Facebook and Twitter-like usability. The search integration can show you what topics are currently trending with both user updates like Twitter along with search engine trends, and Hangouts and Talk are messaging and video-chat tools that are a huge improvement on Facebook’s messaging system. The mobile app for Talk is astonishingly quick and extremely useful for creating chat-rooms to message multiple people in a timely fashion, and Hangouts are an upgraded version of Facebook’s new video chat deal with Skype. It can let a user video-chat with up to ten of those person’s friends, which can be extremely fun or useful. This also has a mobile up which can be really fun to use.

If the wave catches on like it did with Facebook, Google’s size and innovation could potentially blow Facebook and Twitter out of the water. It just released its API which will help 3rd party application builders create games to use on Google+ and with its new public invitations on what are many peoples homepage nowadays, Google’s growth could become exponential once again within days. New creative ideas get shot out of Google daily. One example is the new app called Google Wallet, which essentially allows you to pay a bill without even having to use a credit card.

With Google collecting more and more data about individuals through their applications, they’re power through knowledge could eventually become insurmountable for Facebook, even with all of their knowledge on their users. This battle may come down to who knows the user best, which could be a little scary when someone really thinks about it…

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3 Responses to An Epic Battle is About to Begin (Facebook v. Google)

  1. meghancrawford says:

    I am glad you brought this topic of Facebook vs. Google up in the blog because I witnessed many debates at my summer internship between employees of whether Facebook would ever die and if Google could take over their market share. At the time, I did not think Google+ would overtake Facebook, I looked into Google+ and was not extremely pleased with the set up and did not think it would appeal to the general public as facebook has done. After reading your blog and looking into the public Google+ I have no doubt that Google+ will take over Facebook. We are all seniors in college and therefore are not the target market anymore, it is the younger generations and just as we all were the first to have Myspace and Facebook years ago, our older brothers and sisters caught on, as well as our parents and eventually even some grandparents. If Google+ is able to capture the attention of our younger generations, as the new, latest, trendy, social media system, it will succeed and overtake Facebook.

  2. ALXLIONS says:

    This is a very interesting topic as Twitter, Facebook and now Google+ battle for the top social media spot. Even though Facebook has the most users currently, I think this will change in the next 10 to 20 years. Personally, I just started using twitter and I feel like it is much better than Facebook. I think the two advantages Facebook has over it’s competitors is the photo capabilities and the simple popularity of it. I think being able to upload hundreds of pictures onto Facebook is really intriguing. Also, older and less technological advance people (like my parents) will only use facebook because it’s so popular and their friends are more likely to be using it too. It will be interesting to see how Google+ innovates in order to compete with these social media monsters.

  3. KCasty says:

    It amazes me that there is such a quick turnover period from one popular social network to the next. Even just in our lifetime we have seen at least portions of the life cycles of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+. It really makes you wonder whether there is a unspoken lifespan that these social networking sites are not able to exceed, whether it is the number of site members or the number of years. The fact of the matter is, eventually people get bored and want to try out something newer and more innovative than what they were using before. This is why Facebook is constantly making updates to the format and appearance of its website. Although Google+ is now the “hot new thing” on the social networking scene, in a few years it will be old news along with Facebook and Twitter, and even newer networking sites will be all the rage.

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