It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes

Good evening ladies and gents,

If you have no idea what the title is about and are still reading this post, then I have been successful in my efforts. While a few other students have written about the Campus Climate Report already, kindly allow me to join the club. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

My first encounter with the CCR came in the form of a shout from another room in my house. “Are you kidding me,” I heard, “Bravman’s trying to get rid of House Party!”

My roommate then barged into my room, citing several conclusions from the report that rubbed him the wrong way. He was unhappy with the House Party recommendation. He was unhappy with the seemingly anti-Greek recommendations. He was unhappy with how the social scene was portrayed. Essentially, he deemed the document a piece of unmerited garbage. I regret to say that upon first hearing these conclusions, I adopted the same mindset. HE CAN’T GET RID OF HOUSE PARTY! IT’S OUR ONLY TRADITION! Then a funny thing happened: I actually read the report.

If you simply skipped to the bottom of the 60 some page report, and based your opinions solely on the conclusions (as both one of my housemates and I did at first), your opinion relatively unqualified. It’s always important to process the evidence prior to drawing a conclusion. I plan on attending law school someday, and if I was not of that mindset, I imagine I would struggle immensely.

Regardless, even after reading it, I did not agree with a lot of the report. For one thing, the report is based on 17 total sessions. 17. It doesn’t take a mathematician to realize this is probably far too small of a sample size from which to base a formal study. Second of all, the opinions cited throughout the report seem very, very one-sided. Even as an independent, I’ll give you that. Every quote used more or less says “I hate everything. I wish you would change it all”. I for one am not in favor of fully removing the Greek system. While am unhappy with its sheer dominance of our social lives on campus, the fact of the matter is that we’re in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, and this is not an art school. In a perfect world, we would have more house parties (not like the weekend) , less exclusivity, and less of a I-have-this-combination-of-letters-on-my-shirt-and-that-makes-me-better than-you mentality. I actually know of a sorority girl who attempted to insult another girl this weekend by calling her independent. As if that’s a bad thing. In her mind, being independent makes you a freak. A loser. Nothing. That kind of mentality should not be fostered on a college campus, and should hardly be tolerated.

In all, I only wish that we could some how change the attitude that we teach the freshman class. I don’t like seeing girls crying because they didn’t get into the sorority of their dreams. We’re all equals on this campus, and that’s an idea that many seem to forget, if not ignore.

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