The role of Media!!!

I would like to continue to discuss the role of the media in today’s society. I want to add on a couple of final thoughts to our conversation last Thursday. Some people think the negative criticism that Nike received was only a good thing. One reason is that the media and the government helped influence Nike to finally change and enforce their international regulations. They made the factories safer and changed the minimal age for the workers. Another reason is they allowed other companies to gain a larger share of the market. If a company like Reebok has better international labor regulations then I feel like they should do better in the sports apparel market. Why should a company like Nike, that treats their workers more like an animal than a person, be more successful than a respectable ethical company? The media helped shed light on all of Nike’s reports and explain how they were false and didn’t show the real working conditions in Indonesia. If it wasn’t for the media, I think the public would have believed Nike’s reports and nothing would have ever changed with their international labor practices. I think the media did its job effectively and the only party to blame here was Nike. If Nike had respectable and humane working conditions in foreign countries then Nike would never had received such negative attention.

I would like to bring up an example of when the media did not do their job and reported false information to the public. I just read the book Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer ( a great book and story). It’s about the amazing life of Pat Tillman. He was a good player in the NFL and turned down the money and fame to serve his country. Tragically, he died by friendly fire and the government tried very hard to lie about how he died. The government wanted to use this celebrity’s death as a feel good story which would get the support of the public about their war in the Middle East. The government released several reports about Tillman’s death through the media which the public believed for a long time. The government has too much power over the media and can practically convince them to report anything they want. Also, the government only received positive comments about the war and the death of Pat Tillman. I think the media should have been more careful about what they reported when discussing this sensitive subject. After many years, the truth finally came out about Tillman’s death and the government received the negative attention and blame that they deserved.

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7 Responses to The role of Media!!!

  1. mcardinute says:

    I heard people saying that the media was “dragging the topic out” and just wouldn’t let go. I agree with the first part of this post because without the determination and effort of the media, Nike would still be unethical in its business practices today. It’s obvious that the media does things good and others poorly. They report information that is irrelevant to current situations going on with the economy. (Deon and Pillars Sanders divorce) But one thing is when they find a topic that interest most of the world, they definitely get the message across so everyone has a full understanding of what is going on.

  2. Alex, I agree that the media is sometimes more harmful then beneficial; however, I think that it was mostly helpful in the case with NIke. In the example you provided, I can see how the media is wrong, but after looking online for a while I cannot find anything about false media towards Nikes case.

  3. Oh and also, I just wanted to say that although it was helpful for the public to know about Nike’s practices, I was suprised as to how harsh the media was able to be towards the company. Are there no regulations about that? I understand Jordi’s example during class the other day where “freedom of speech” does not include falsely yelling about a bomb on a plane, so if the media wrote/said false statements would they be illegal?

  4. katiebaum13 says:

    I also agree with the first part of the blog. Another thing to consider is that although Nike presented and publicized the truth about Nike, giving them a negative reputation, their sales never seemed to be impacted and continued to grow. The saying “any publicity is good publicity” seems to be the case for Nike. Although they were being negatively portrayed in the media, they were able to use the media and show that they changed and improved the conditions showing the public that they did care and were willing to change it. This media made Nike even more well known by the public which could have been a reason for their continued growth as a company.

  5. knriggins says:

    I agree with Alex that everything presented by mass media should be taken with a grain of salt. News can seem very different depending on what light it’s being shown in. Compare too different news networks like CNN and FOX. Their political views are very different therefore the speakers they bring on are very different. While a lot of the facts presented are correct and alike, the tone of the argument can completely change your opinion on a discussion topic. The same logic can be applied to all stories. I’m not sure I agree with what Alex said about the government having too much control over media. I think the media has done a fairly good job of defining itself as a separate entity.

  6. Cander says:

    The media angle is a very interesting one. I’d actually disagree with the assertion that the government exerts too much control over the media. While the Tillman story is really a disturbing case in journalism ethics, how many people get the majority of their news from traditional media? No longer do people wait for ‘Fireside Chats’ or public speeches from the president.

    Also, with the prevalence of “sources” today and the consolidation of newspapers, along with the 24-hour news cycle, it makes it easy for one with an agenda to further it. I’m not saying that’s the case here, but Ballinger’s goal of exposing Nike would have been much easier today.

  7. bucknell92 says:

    I have heard the saying “Any press, is good press”, this is the case with Nike. With the spot light that was directed at Nike during the investigation they began to gain a lot of followers in the negative ways, but after they had changed their international production methods all of these fans kept following Nike. This is an interesting flip that would not have happened with out the media, but is something that happens a lot to different celebrities or companies.

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