Capitalism as Influential?

On the most simplistic level, the United States functions as the worlds creditor providing the foundation to the worlds money supply and the liquidity needed by foreign countries. Our government, our culture and our currency permeate throughout the earth and influence the evolution of societies in subtle yet astonishing ways. Could North African and Middle Eastern nations be taking the lead of “fifty thousand demonstrators protesting against the third World Trade Organization (WTO) conference” in Seattle in late 1999 because “social actions in a given time and place are increasingly influenced by actions that occur in distant places?” (Donatella della Porta et al – Excerpts from Globalization from Below). It seems the civil unrest present on the other side of the globe, in mostly Muslim countries where civil liberties don’t even remotely resemble those of United States citizens, does not directly correlate to previous domestic protests, but increased culture awareness around the world drastically increased civil unrest. Although, it may also be argued that increased media coverage only heightened domestic awareness of foreign issues that existed decades before. Either way, the recent explosion of unrest throughout the Middle East sparked several worldwide movements to increase individual rights and freedoms. (See also: China and Google) As the government in favor of the most individual freedoms, the United States has become increasingly involved in foreign political affairs and its not always clear which side our government is playing on. (See also: Obama and Pakistan) Sure, our government isn’t directly exciting riots, but the last 10 years the US military spent in Afghanistan most definitely offered a glimpse into a different way of life for many Middle Eastern men and women. No matter how politically involved the government becomes, other cultures around the world look to the high class capitalist society Americans live in because of the rights offered no where else in the world.

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One Response to Capitalism as Influential?

  1. csmb12 says:

    I think that this is an interesting point. I would agree that people tend to look up to the Western world and its wealth. It’s clear that Web 2.0 is influencing areas of the world that aren’t used to seeing the wealth and freedom of America. People see the way we live and want a part of it.

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