Took ’em Long Enough

The United States Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency announced today that they recently completed a 7 day sweep of the nation, on their way arresting 2,901 immigrants who have criminal records in the United States. This sweep, known as Operation Cross Check, is the largest enforcement and removal operation in its history.

I completely agree with the Obama administration’s policy of focusing on illegal immigrants who cause problems within the country while putting less emphasis on deporting illegal immigrants who pose no demonstrated threat to public safety. The focus should definitely remain on people individuals in the nation who cause our citizens problems. Those are a much more important problem the country needs to focus on as a whole versus the “immigration problem” in general that applies to all illegal immigrants. People have complaints about immigrants that many times are based on rumor and not actual fact.

For example,  many people want illegal immigrants out of the country because they don’t pay taxes. They actually pay a variety of taxes. Because many undocumented workers hold jobs, a large number pay income, Social Security and Medicare taxes, as well as sales taxes when they purchase items in stores and property taxes when they rent or own homes. One study found that they pay $162 billion annually in federal, state and local taxes. Another project found that the average immigrant paid $1,800 more in taxes than government benefits received. Another interesting rumor is that people believe economics and business drive U.S. immigration policy. Two-thirds of the 1 million official visas awarded each year are based on family unification. Conversely, only 15% of visas each year are awarded for employment purposes. Other nations devote a far higher percentage of visas to economic or employment-related reasons. Canada, for example, grants more than half of its visas for employment-related reasons.

I believe that these two examples alone are enough proof that illegal immigrants aren’t worth people going out of their way to remove or deport. The real problem are undocumented illegal immigrants who break the law and cause problems for our nation and society. They are the ones who don’t pay the taxes we do and live off of the hard work we put in because they work illegally like selling drugs or commit theft and robbery in order to subsist.

Instead of worrying so much about the border control of people trying to enter our country, lets worry about prevent criminals, especially illegal immigrant ones, out and crack down on the ones already here. This is a nice start to what I believe is a solid policy in the Obama administration, and it should be continued.

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6 Responses to Took ’em Long Enough

  1. awhigbee says:

    I agree that this initiative is really interesting and impactful. It is a really important policy that we start showing illegal immigrants that they need to stay out of trouble. Being an illegal immigrant in and of itself can sometimes be a completely understandable means to an end for lots of people and there can be positives for citizens of the United States. The restaurant business for example would completely collapse if there were not illegal immigrants in the United States, so having them here is not the real problem. It is making sure those who take advantage of the forgiving environment we have in the United States which is the goal. Really interesting article, thanks for that!

    • Jordi says:

      Do you think there should be some way to move them to normal status, legally? What if their illegal status keeps their wages low or even illegally low (below minimum wage) thereby suppressing wages for all legal workers?

      The typical argument is that a “path to citizenship” will end up encouraging more immigration instead of ending the problem. How do you see illegal immigration in the context of a globalized world economy?

  2. ALXLIONS says:

    Unfortunately these illegal immigrants are the hardest ones to find and track down. The illegal immigrants that are committing crimes are the ones off the government’s radar because they don’t have jobs. I agree with you that these immigrants are the most dangerous and the one’s that should be paid most attention to but that’s easier said than done. They are criminals for a reason and they try their hardest to avoid getting the public’s attention.

  3. mcardinute says:

    How do you distinguish who is a well-behaved illegal immigrant and who is a criminal illegal immigrant? With no documentation of either, you can’t make any assumptions. How do you know that the illegal immigrant washing dishes in the back of a restaurant doesn’t have a criminal record of killing 5 people and is smuggling tons of drugs into the U.S.? There is no possible way of catching them if there is no record of them being here!

  4. katiebaum13 says:

    I agree with this blog. Being from Southern California, there is a huge population of illegal immigrants. This topic is very constantly being discussed and there are various different ideas and opinions on how this issue should be handles. LIke Alex said, many industries such restaurants, construction, and various labor jobs will fall if all illegal immigrants were forced to leave the country, but it is also alarming with the amount of crime that illegal immigrants participate in. I think they should focus on deporting the immigrants that engage in violent and illegal behavior, not just all illegal immigrants because they play an important role in out economy. But like many people have said, it is very hard to catch these immigrants due to their lack of documentation.

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