Finance related Photojournalism is cool

So I decided to choose option B and read this photojournalism blog  which I thought was really interesting. I was invited on Facebook to attend the Occupy Wall Street rally but couldn’t go because I was at Bucknell and honestly quite busy. For those who don’t know Occupy Wall Street is a resistance movement against the 1% of Americans who work on Wall Street and control the majority of the nations wealth.

I think that the coverage of the rally on the photojournalism blog  is a good mix of photos. All the photos had some really great aspect to them and the amount of time that the protesters seem to be investing is really awesome.

This was definitely my favorite photo though. I thought that all of these signs really had important points and weren’t just about topical issues. The best sign out of all of them was “that we’re young, only means we have more to lose, by standing idle”. I agree with that and am glad it is such a strong statement. It is a phrase that really sums up the movement for me and shows that this is not even that much about Wall Street, but more about how we can make a change and how our generation does need to help make reforms. The Occupy Wall Street creed says that “as member of the 99%, we occupy Wall Street as a symbolic gesture of our discontent with the current economic and political climate”. I think that it is important that we can rally together as many people as they did and be able to say that we are unhappy with our current nations climate. Instead of complaining I think this is a constructive way to show that we want to take control of our future and are capable of it.

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4 Responses to Finance related Photojournalism is cool

  1. JWitty says:

    Wow…that’s an AWESOME picture. I don’t mean to say it’s cool or fun, it’s just a phenomenal indicator of how REAL Americans feel today. I would have loved to go and take part, as well. It just doesn’t make sense. How any of these billionaires can look at themselves vs. the country and sleep easily at night is truly shocking. Something really needs to be done.

  2. jordi says:

    Can you embed the picture? Do you think the mainstream media coverage us fair to occupiers?

  3. eeewald says:

    I agree that that particular sign has a powerful message. Younger generations do stand to lose from the bad economy and I find it ironic that they also are the least proactive group when it comes to making changes. The 18-25 year old demographic consistently is the least represented age group at the polls which is the most effective way for a normal person to affect big business and politics.

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