Social Media and Business

In the blog “Blorg Theory” the author “Team Memphis” critiques an article published by BusinessWeek titled “Social Media Will Change Your Business.” The Post can be found here. The original article states that social media will change the way that businesses can interact with their customers, and will necessarily change every business. This is because they now have new avenues of communication such as Facebook, blogs, and Twitter.

Team Memphis goes on to state that social media will not change every business because they cannot reach every single individual in the world. The author uses an Amish person as an example of a person that will not be affected by the new wave of social media. This misses the point of the article. The article does not state that social media will affect every single person in the world, and does not say that it is necessary for a business to reach each and every individual in order for social media to have an effect on its business.

The article says that a company can use the new wave of social media to impact customers in different, and ultimately more meaningful way. This does also mean that they have nontraditional channels for reaching potential new customers, but it is not a necessary prerequisite that they reach each person that could possibly be affected by this new wave of social media in order for these new avenues to be successful. In the end, I do not feel that Team Memphis quite got to the heart of the issue. While it is true that there will be people who are unaffected by the rise of social media, there will also be a large number that will be. I feel that this ultimately makes social media completely relevant to any business.

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6 Responses to Social Media and Business

  1. eeewald says:

    Social media can also be used by companies internally. For my Human Resources Management class this we read an article that discussed how companies are using Facebook and other social networking sites to screen possible recruits and monitor current employees. The article tried to make the argument that this could be a positive thing for college students entering the work force saying that employers might stumble upon something in someone’s profile that makes them a more attractive candidate but didn’t make it onto their resume. I think this is very unlikely. It is much more likely that employers are going to find something they don’t like and pass on a candidate because of it. I know a lot of my older friends that have graduated have either deleted their Facebooks or changed their names specifically to make it harder for employers to find them.

    • Jordi says:

      Do their masking strategies work?

      Does anyone argue that this very intrusive on the part of employers? Or is it considered ethically ok?

  2. Jordi says:

    Team Memphis= Alex Cillo. Contact him and see what he says about this…

  3. mnickels says:

    Social media is very relevant in today’s world and especially in business since it is a great channel to get word out on a company’s product or service. Social media can also destroy companies or their reputation; it is easier to pass on a negative story about a business and it will get to more people very quickly. It can also get employees fired. There was one incident in the past where someone, I believe employed by a news station, stated something on twitter and their tweet resulted in them getting fired. Social media can be a touchy thing and using it can’t be taken too lightly, especially when it can have bad consequences, for the business and its employees.

  4. meghancrawford says:

    I agree, I do not think the issue is if social media will reach every person in the world, but if it will have an effect on each business. My response to if I think it will have an effect on each business is yes. Social media sites are beginning to be an essential part of each business. If companies do not participate in the current and progressing trend, competitors may steal their market share. With younger technically advanced generations consuming more each year, business must have adequate systems to reach their target markets as well as current customers.

  5. Slade says:

    I also agree that it is irrelevant to consider whether or not social media will reach every individual in order to determine its effect on big business. Not only does it help promote businesses and allow them to keep up with their competitors, it also allows them to expand their network with other companies. I do agree with the fact that social media allows for the possible spread of negative stories and the loss of jobs, but typically that is not something a company, or an employee should worry about if they are honest and hard working. It is up to the employee to understand the power of the Internet and what is appropriate to post. I think the Internet also makes it a little easier for a company to come back from a negative rumor or situation if it is reputable in the first place or if it does something big enough to turn around, then that story will go viral just as quickly for everyone to see.

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