“The Workplace”- Applying Google

While looking through the old blog posts I came across one entitled “The Workplace”. In this blog entry the author discusses how employees are products of their workspace. The author mentions statistics in which individuals included in a survey confirmed that they would work an extra hour each day if their work environment were improved. Another point that was mentioned is that work space is also important to clients. Some employees were not comfortable bringing in clientele to their office space. A great point that the author leaves us with is that people are a firms cost inside a work environment; how much are firms willing to leverage human capital?

I think this is a fantastic point and it immediately draws me to a company like Google. Google’s headquarters is known as the Googleplex and it is a place that encourages innovation right through the decor. It’s not strange to see employees scootering to meetings down the halls. Every department is encouraged to decorate their area in any way they would like. It’s not frowned upon to take a break and play a recreational game of pool. In the cafe healthy eating habits are encouraged through the choices of the food. All this and more is done to boost employee morale and innovation. Google clearly is in a league of its own when it comes to product and idea generation. Programs like Gmail and Picasa were not assigned for employees to create they created them on their own time as they are usually encouraged to do. Google execs did not decide to put a pool table in the middle of the office to just give their employees a break now and then they did for strategic purposes. It’s the same principle that people cannot concentrate for an elongated period of time or their work is at risk of becoming stagnant. Minds need recreational time to encourage their thought process.

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5 Responses to “The Workplace”- Applying Google

  1. tpm011 says:

    This is a wonderful example of how “corporate america” or the image that we get when we think of office space may not be the best solution. Maybe it is better to sacrifice efficiency for innovation. In our strategy class we learned about the upper echelon theory which states that companies are more innovative when their top management team is more diverse. I wonder how diverse the TMT of google is to allow such creative ways to express yourself in work

  2. KCasty says:

    I could not agree more with Google’s workspace policies. I am a big believer that a happy and relaxed worker is a significantly more productive and creative one than a worker who dreads going to work every day. By allowing employees more freedom with their time, employees will be more inclined to come up with innovative ideas than if they were being forced to sit down and brainstorm for the entire day. Decorations and the color the paint on the walls in an office have also been proven to have an effect on peoples’ moods and concentration levels. Often, when I am doing school work for an extended period of time, I will get much more done if I allow myself a few short breaks throughout the time; additionally, I get more work done in certain work spaces than in others. I also think providing healthy food is a very beneficial idea for companies. While people do not realize it, what you eat has a lot to do with how long you will be able to concentrate and how much you will be able to focus. I think more companies should follow Google’s lead. While I do not suggest that work should be all “fun,” creating a more relaxing atmosphere with decorations and breaks throughout the workday will ultimately prove to be more beneficial to a company in the long run.

  3. knriggins says:

    I agree with everyone that Google’s work environment is cool. I’d say most companies wish their environments were more fun and innovative. So why is it that most company’s corporate environments are the traditional office setting? Is it because people can’t afford to create lavish innovation friendly environments? Or do most companies truly not value that element of creativity. In my opinon, I think companies simply cannot justify such expenditures. No one is willing to take the risk of changing things up. But maybe creating a more worker friendly fun envionrment would allow the company to reap long term benefits. I’m not sure this kind of environment is suitable for all kinds of companies, but I think a lesser extreme of Google might be a positive thing.

  4. Jordi says:

    Wilson 7 was Terrance WIlson. Please try and contact him and see if you can pull him into the blog conversation.

  5. Jordi says:

    Source for Google info?

    Edit: “firm’s” are a firms cost inside a work environment

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