Utilizing the Media

While reading through blogs from Professor Jordi’s previous classes, I came across a blog titled “The Power of the Media”, by Kristen.  In her introduction she says, “Isn’t it always fascinating how powerful the media can make or break anything? From people, business, and products.”  Kristen gives an example of how Oprah is able to talk about how something is her favorite product, and the next day everyone is buying it.  Kristen feels that, “If more companies, such as Kiva would use the media to their advantage people might take notice of the great things going on in the world.” 

I agree with Kristen that the media is a very powerful force and can be utilized in several ways.  When reading this post it made me think of some topics that were brought up in class regarding the media’s role in the Nike case.  I think that it was mostly agreed upon in class that the media played a significant role in making the public aware of Nike’s international labor practices.  Thanks to the media, critics of Nike’s actions such as Jeff Ballinger, were heard by the public which forced Nike in due time to make changes.

A discussion we had in class was if the media was coming down on Nike too hard and for too long.  So the question was asked, “Wasn’t the media just doing what we want them to do by making the public aware of what is going on?”  Many students thought that the media just prolonged the issues even after Nike addressed the problem.  I understand that the media is supposed to come up with intriguing stories that grabs the public’s attention while providing us with facts.  However,  I think in the Nike situation maybe the media could have done a better job of giving Nike the opportunity to present their side of the story.

Moreover, Nike could be an example of how Kristen says that companies should use the media to their advantage.   Even though the media was presenting the public with Nike’s international labor abuse, they should have utilized the media more efficiently by flipping the situation around and showing the public the steps they are taking to better their labor practices instead of just denying.

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6 Responses to Utilizing the Media

  1. Cander says:

    I think what is also interesting is the effects of consolidation on the media companies, which has caused more scrutiny on the press themselves. Between the News Corp. wiretapping scandal in the UK this summer (http://goo.gl/igQNn) and whatever ESPN is currently being criticized for (http://goo.gl/x0muX), more and more people are worried about any possible slant to the reporting.

  2. Jordi says:

    Hyperlink to original post, please? I wonder if author was Kristen Bolig? You can contact her and see if you can bring her into our conversations.

  3. Jordi says:

    Edit: “So the question was ask,” asked.

  4. Alyssa Haglund says:

    I think the motivations of the media is the key of this problem. Are their motivations to earn money, such as the stakeholder theory, or to distribute the best information. A problem with American news station is the bias they carry. Magazines are show an especially severe case of this because they will print what sells. Princess Diana’s death was just featured yet again in a magazine because it sold so well the first time, the company may have thought it would have similar sales again. In terms of Nike, was the media trying to suck every penny out of the story or were they truly set on portraying the situation to the public? Personally, I think it is a little bit of both

  5. Nate says:

    Alyssa, I cannot agree with you more! I definitely think that the media is motivated to put out a story that sells. As the public however, we expect the media to give us a story based on accurate, detailed information. In Nike’s case, I think they tried to suck every penny out of the story of Nike’s labor issues mostly because Nike did not give the media much to work with on their behalf and was just denying everything.

  6. meghancrawford says:

    I strongly agree with Kristen’s post. Using Oprah is a great example to show an extreme situation of how one person in the media can have an impact on millions around the world. I feel Oprah already adds to promoting many moral issues. Consequently, I feel the more crucial issue is getting more people in the media to contribute to raising awareness for moral issues. Whether big or small messages, the more media created on social issues, the more times moral actions may be taken.

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