Upon reading through older blogs on “The Way Things Work: Organizations,” I came across one by Stephanie about promoting products. In her blog, Stephanie talks about the effort that companies put forth in order to have their products shown in television shows, movies, and as talk show host endorsements. Stephanie provides examples of these endorsements through Martha Stewart and Oprah, two already successful women that continuously promote products on their shows.

I find this blog particularly interesting because of the examples Stephanie uses; Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey. These two people along with their production crews are probably in the least need for scrounging extra cash from product placements or ads, yet they charge astonishing amounts for it. It is very sad that anyone will promote anything for a price whether or not they use it or even like it. I wouldn’t quite consider this false advertising because they aren’t outright lying about the product, but its pretty damn close to it because of the fact that they will endorse products they have no interest in because of the amount of cash involved.

Product promotion through endorsements are a great way to advertise, but are most likely more effective on younger crowds because they are probably more naive to the fact that the celebrity or athlete is speaking so highly of the product with the possibility that he/she does not even use it. Since most people nowadays hate commercials and change the channel or do something else until their show is back on, I think product placement is a very effective method of promoting a product. Whether the product is being used as a prop or simply placed on the set, it is almost always noticeable and shown multiple times.

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One Response to Throwback

  1. ALXLIONS says:

    I agree with alot of your points in the blog. I can remember vividly going to the store with my mom and getting Scottie Pippen’s new shoes when I was younger and running around the store thinking I could run faster and jump higher because he wore the same shoes. Or thinking I was the coolest kid in 7th or 8th grade because I just bought a pair Nelly’s Air Force One. But nowadays I could care less if any celebrity is wearing the same clothes as me. I really feel bad for people like my sister and my mom that buy shoes that Oprah endorses as the “best running shoes out there”.

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