Blog Council Awards

Best Post:

“Blame it on the Beard”… More Women Should be on Wallstreet

Now this is a beard:

Other Winners!

Best Title: The $1 CEO

Most Creative: “Second Tier Sports” too boring?

Passionate: Are all Businessmen Bad-Guys?

Most Improvement:  China is the new America?

Editor-in-Chief Honorable Mention : Shell: Guilty or

FoE Czech Republic protests after death of Ken...

Image by Friends of the Earth International via Flickr

Not Guilty?Revisiting Enron

Karl Marx

The Blog Council, Alyssa, Bryce, Matt, Kelly, Mike C and Editor-in-C

hief (Jordi) met and spent a long time discussing this week’s posts.

For next week, the theme is open- take any current event and link it to ideas from the class.  In addition, you should

A) Make URLs (hyperlinks) look good.

B) Use “Read More” in your posts.

C) Set your personal settings to accept “recommended links” and then screen options to see those when you are in the edit post screen.  This way you can make your posts come to life.

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