For this week I wanted to revisit a topic that I had written about last week, which is the Occupy Wall Street  protests. I was in the gym when I saw some Fox News coverage of the protests and they were discussing some Tea Party activists who were putting their own political agenda out in the protest. This quiz contrasts the phrases said between Tea Partiers and Occupy Wall Street protesters. Which actually is completely absurd. Anyone can take something out of contrast and compare single sentences.

I also think that having these two movements cross pollinate disadvantages both of their causes. It weakens the two causes because they cannot send a consistent message to their target audience. The Occupy Wall Street movement is about the 99% of the population who want to stand up to the 1% who own the majority of the wealth in the United States which we saw in the in the BLS statistics.  The Tea Party however is a conservative libertarian movement that opposes taxation, reduced budget deficit/national debt and smaller government spending.

I can see how these two bodies of thoughts could be confused though especially because of the ideas of spending and how money should be used. The debt ideas of the Tea Party aligns somewhat with Occupy Wall Street. I think that they both believe that the federal debt should be reduced but probably have different opinion about how it should be done. For example the OWS protesters would argue much higher income or capital gains taxes on the highest 1% whereas the Tea Party would not. The questions is, whose message will be heard the loudest?

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8 Responses to #OccupyWallStreet

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  4. meganm423 says:

    I agree that these two factions of the protest are very disjointed. Yes, there can be similarities drawn from each group, but what they stand for is completely different and in some ways opposite. I think this is a big problem with the Occupy Wall Street movement. In the beginning of the movement there was a common goal and purpose. They wanted to open the eyes of corporate america to the social inequalities that are occurring in America. Now I feel like any and every organization is joining in on the protest. In one of the readings a few weeks ago on globalization successful protests were defined as having a common theme. I feel like OWS is becoming too many themes to follow now, which is making their cause have less of an impact.

  5. Right! Because without frames a protest is inefficient. Too many themes will decrease the effectiveness of the “publics” argument. I think that’s a great theory about Alex’s question about who’s voice will be heard louder, Megan.

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  8. Jordi says:

    I got a 7/9 on the quiz. The differences are very subtle. I focused on who seemed to focus on corporations or kids more as the dividing line.

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