#Occupy Spreads Locally

If you want to observe the spread of a social movement, there are local off shoots of the loose, emergent “#Occupy” movement sprouting up locally.  Why would this matter?  As we discussed in class in several cases (Nike, Shell especially), the context of decision-making for business is often if not always colored by the expression of what society wants.  Social movements are one of the clearest ways to see this process unfold.

Also, as I suggested, one of Jordi’s aphorisms is that today’s controversy is tomorrow’s law.  (Not always, but sometimes).

So, here is what I have picked up on.

Solidarity Rally this Saturday in Lewisburg.

Local Editorial about local feelings.

SU professor criticizes #Occupy. (Scroll down)

Poster of Lewisburg Rally

Local Solidarity Rally- Click to see Map

About Jordi

I am an assistant professor in the Management School at Bucknell University. I specialize in organization theory, social networks, and studying the network society. I have three children, including twins. They love bouncing on the couch, legos, music, and my waffles. My wife teaches English at the same university. I am interested in most things, but these days, networks, social entrepreneurs, the environment, innovation, and virtual worlds. Finding Hidden Abodes and Shaking Iron Cages since 1972
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