Paper 2 Question

I want to write my paper on Mike’s blog “Over paid and under performed!” . I want to do more research on comparing CEO’s pay and the success of a company. Can I use the AG Lafley and Peter Whoriskey articles for ethical perspectives in my paper?


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One Response to Paper 2 Question

  1. Jordi says:

    Topic: great. Ethical perspective: I don’t know. What ethical perspective is their in Lafley? or the Whoriskey article?

    If you look over your notes and the syllabus, you will see your most likely candidates. Off the top of my head, they are: the 8 steps to ethical decision-making, stakeholder, utilitarian, rights, Nozick, Rawls, Walzer, Friedman and the “status quo” of managerial capitalism. There may be others too.

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