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The world we live in and the world we have created remain organically intertwined and perpetually moving. On a daily basis: life and death encapsulates the story of generational change, nocturnal freight movement and rush hour traffic capture the buzzing of a working planet, texting, tweeting and poking moderate an evolving social culture, satellite communication and electrical power represent the dawn of technological enlightenment, and the solar orbit marks the dormancy and awakening of rotating galactic communities. Every one of the 6,881,608,983 people remains an inhabitant of a community within a region of a continent on this planet, which is to say WE ALL LIVE TOGETHER each effecting one another with only six degrees of separation. With every moment the people of this world are interacting more so now than ever. New relationships are forming, deals are being made, new song and dance join and divide sub cultures. What I’m getting at is the striking need for communication both verbal and nonverbal, cooperation among wealthy elites of government and business, and common understanding of the need for peace among all communities. So much can be learned from other people, other communities other cultures and everyone offers a drastically different perspective on life and well being. These personal perspectives must work together if this world is ever going to function in peace.

Throughout human history communication has been thrown to the way side in support of act first and later enjoy the consequences of radiation, or atomic bombs for that matter, or mine drainage, acid rain, or more recently the oil spill. Granted many lessons are learned from these experiences and have launched man kind farther on our path of discovery, but by taking a more calculated approach to environmental conservation, water control, food supply and infrastructure development as related to communal health and global business, many lives will be saved and the earth preserved. Throughout history humans have used other cultures or beliefs as means for persecution, enslavement, or murder and every time those who are oppressed rise up. Only recently have humans made at least acknowledgeable progress with the civil rights movements, gender equality, and the United Nations est. 1945, which on the earth time table is a blink of an eye. Everyone deserves an equal chance to live in a peaceful world focused on preservation and to live in a society based moral behavior, family ties and respect for others. On the same note, mutual understanding and compassion is completely necessary for this world to emerge from its infancy. For the future, immense planning must take place to protect people from the natural earth, to advance the world efficiently without the bursting bubbles of an unbalanced global economy, and to moderate the activities of financiers, bankers and big business owners to prevent the population from falling victim to insider trading or fraudulent activity. Not to say that we all deserve a watchful eye over our backs but at least someone watching our backs with the emerging financial markets.

This world should be filled with inspiration to learn, teach and inspire future generations by leaving a legacy. Education should be at the forefront of our society in order to produce the great minds of future generations. Students shouldn’t be limited by the confines of outdated industrial revolution teaching techniques and teachers should be looked at as a hot commodity rather than a low income job. Although the low wages forces teachers to commit their life’s work to the love of young minds, this love shouldn’t be the only driving factor in choosing teaching as a profession. High salaries supplied by common tax payers should a no brainer especially since it is an long term future investment in new upcoming minds. Every child should be given the opportunity to express themselves not through forced labor of the next book report but through individual inspiration. Yes, I believe the new generations should be educated on the classics, basic mathematics, history, and the sciences but that should only be a portion of their devotion and their time should be apportioned more towards their own intellectual endeavors such as music talent, sports skills, dancing ability, theatrical performance, computer programming, astrology, or one of the many other aspects of the world. Children should be taught to think outside the box and creative thought should be rewarded not opposed. There is no formula for the perfect paper or the perfect template for the perfect creation; imagine telling the next Shakespeare to work on his style or organization. There is no perfect way to discover the sciences, to discover the world, except through experimentation and enjoying your own mental questions. It is for the reason of  answering questions and creating peaceful understanding among new children that teachers should be prized. Children should be growing up together through video conferencing to allow language barriers and culture misunderstandings to be broken. There is no need to erase the history of the world but through communication and cultural evolution we can all become a vital part of the future world. All working together instead of in competition of each other.

People in this world shouldn’t have to worry if their newborn infant will be the victim of malnutrition or commonly curable diseases; people should be able to live with their basis common needs met with little effort or with minimal strain. Food at a high quality should be available to everyone.  Water should be recycled at such a high rate that the world could function at a surplus even after supplying households and food production. Energy should be harvested with so much efficiency that every community has access to 24/7 electrical power for an internet connection or just a night light to scare away the monsters. Of course this requires the enormous task of infrastructure creation and updates to support an ever growing population, but these are necessities to life and health. Can mankind not find a way to do this? quickly? , which I ask rhetorically of course, because I believe their is a solution, it just hasn’t been piece together yet.

Another way to think about the global situation is through government structure and variation. Western beliefs of democracy and free will supported by a capitalist economy with government being run by money to which it doesn’t actually hold itself. For it is not actually the governments controlling the global financial system but rather the banking system and wealthy elites to which for the most part their only agendas are to make money. Although many banking CEO’s do give back to the community in more ways than many of us ever could, their unregulated activities many times hold the world captive . It should never be a struggle to live or prosper and invisible masterminds shouldn’t be in control of everyones destiny. People should have a choice in life, especially to “Occupy Wall Street.”

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5 Responses to Choices

  1. MDHarbin says:

    If anyone knows how to make the “continue reading” link, help would be appreciated.

  2. Jordi says:

    Matt, this is a wide-ranging, passionate, and striking set of questions and observations. Like the classic Dickens opening: “We live in the best of times and the worst of times…”
    TO react to one idea in your first paragraph- communication is not always effective. What one hears is not what another was saying. The greatest problem with communication is the illusion it has happened. Why? Often it is because of internal worldviews, or “frames” as has come up in class. So, what you say is understood by me according to my internalized schema.

    A second issue is who controls the channels of communication? What are these channels?

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