Paper #2

I wanted to expand on my post about the Credit Crisis. I planned on using Krugman and the “overcoming short-terism” as support. Is that fine?

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2 Responses to Paper #2

  1. Jordi says:

    What is “the credit crisis” more specifically? Is that a post? Or are you referring to that period in 2007-08 )I think) when the credit markets froze up as the fortunes of wall street and banks seemed in doubt?

    I am glad you are tackling the idea of short-termism. The two pieces you mention really address it more from a social science perspective. Krugman is perhaps also about philosophy, but I am not sure he articulates a clear alternative to the dominant ideologies of mainstream economics and business. Maybe. I would relook at his article.

    I think you can bring a lot of value to this dialogue by exploring what could be the ethical framework of an alternative to short-termism. In other words, if short-termisim is flawed not just as a strategy, but ethically, then what is its ethical problem? Honestly, I am not sure which of the thinkers we have read would give you a handle on that very, very interesting question. Do you? You will likely have to do some extra reading to tackle the question. But that is probably true for many of your peers.

    My own thoughts turn to justice and time. We have been discussing different ideas of justice. short-term and long-term revolves around time frames. On the face of it, time and justice don’t seem to have squat to do with each other. But maybe they do,actually? TO start with two unconnected ideas and argue how they are related can be a terrific hook for an essay.

    Please don’t shy away from the topic. Let us know what you are thinking.

  2. mike cardinute says:

    My post talked about “Toxic Assets,” which was one contributor to the credit crisis. I feel like it is important to explain the credit crisis FIRST then go into details about the individual things that contributed to it and who is at fault. I am not going to shy away as I am interested in tackling this challenge. I will do some extra reading and find some ideas. So you think I should look for alternatives to short-termism, justice, and time as my ethical perspectives?

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