Campus Theater Since 1941

The Lewisburg Campus Theater is located on Market Street in the heart of Lewisburg, across from the newly added Barnes and Noble Bucknell bookstore. The theater has resided there since 1941 celebrating its 70th anniversary film festival this week. Throughout the week the box office encourages patrons to arrive early to be guaranteed seating seeing that many festival films have been known to be extremely popular. Although it is encouraged to get to the theater early the box office normally opens only 30 minutes prior to show time.

This week the theater will be playing a total of 22 films, 8 films have been played since Friday leaving only 14 left to catch! The films range from 1941 up to date, allowing members of Lewisburg and its surroundings to enjoy a broad range of movie eras. The theater has been newly renovated, keeping its historical architecture and fashionable appeal. In the U.S. today there are only about twelve art deco theaters that still operate. Going to school in Lewisburg gives many of us the opportunity to experience the architecture as well as the rare experience of being of the atmosphere of the campus theater.

How did many of your experiences at the film festival compare to what I have described above as a unique film experience? Were you pleased with the showing, was the seating comfortable, and were you able to appreciate the amazing renovations that were made? If you have not attended a movie yet after hearing reviews would you regret never going to the campus theater while you live in Lewisburg?

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One Response to Campus Theater Since 1941

  1. Jordi says:

    I got the new leather seats for “Todo Sobre Mi Madre” last Friday. Great! We could snuggle up without getting arm cramps.

    Of course, I’m a member, so it is impossible for me to regret never having gone. I regret I can’t get there more…

    Did you know a recent independent horror film was made there?

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