Campus Theater

I just went to the Campus Theater for the first time and I was very pleasantly surprised. Its was not what I had expected. To start, they accept campus dollars which was definitely a plus!! As I walked into the theatre I saw that there were not only regular seats like a normal movie theater, but they had couches in the back where people could sit in. It created a really cool atmosphere that separated them from other theaters. I thought this was a really cool idea too. I really enjoyed the overall vibe of the theater and my over all experience. I definitely plan on going more this year!

The movie I saw was Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I thought it was a very cute movie and was entertained the whole time. I had not seen this movie before and was a little skeptical because I felt that it was a movie that was trendy to like and people say they like the movie because it was cool to. But I was wrong, it was actually a very good movie with a cute plot. It is about a girl Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) who lives on her own in the city and is in search for a rich husband, but meets a writer who lives in the same apartment and falls in love. Another feature of the movie that I loved, along with most girls was the beautiful designer clothes and jewelry Holly wore throughout the whole movie. I really enjoyed the movie and my experience at the Campus Theater!

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One Response to Campus Theater

  1. bucknell92 says:

    The Campus Theatre is a great place to go and see movies, especially after the renovation took place. Before the Campus Theatre was a very run down and it was difficult to enjoy movies there, especially in the summer with out air conditioning. I saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s as well and it seemed to be more captivating than I had originally planned. It was a good mix up when compared with the newly released movies.

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