The Campus theater… reminding us stories can be told without CGI and explosions

When I went to the campus theater I was amazed that there were couches to sit on. Couches! Being able to lay on a couch to watch your movie made the experience much more comfortable for me. I was not forced to sit in a single position for the length of the movie and I could move around on the couch to make myself more comfortable. It was awesome.

What I really liked when I saw Hitchcocks’ movie North by Northwest was his ability to tell a fascinating story without the crutches current movie directors use (like Michael Bay and explosions). I feel like movies have gotten away from telling a good story and are now just using old story ideas and are just making the animations and CGI better . I’ll admit that the most scared I have ever been came from Hitchcocks’ rear window when he is looking through his binoculars and the man he is spying on stares right back at him!

I know that when I go to a movie now a days that I’m going for the special effects and that does not bother me because when I want to see robots fighting each other i’ll go check out the new transformers. If I want a good story though, I have to resort to a book or older movies.

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3 Responses to The Campus theater… reminding us stories can be told without CGI and explosions

  1. bucknell92 says:

    I would agree with the idea that a lot of movies seem to focus more on the CGI and special effects rather than focusing on the acting or plot. I found this point very relevant when I was watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  2. JWitty says:

    Hahahahah that Michael Bay clip is all too true. I remember reading an avid film critic’s take on the most recent Transformers movie. I believe it was something to the effect of “It’s the best movie about toys from space that you’ll ever see” lol. Regardless, I’ve only seen the famous last scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I wish I could have been there

  3. eeewald says:

    I can’t stand Micheal Bay. A year or so ago I was watching TV with a bunch of friends and a preview for some new movie came on and we all thought it looked really cool. Then towards the end of the commercial it said it was directed or produced by Micheal Bay (whatever he does) and everyone let out a collectively sigh of dissappointment.

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