What about Lunch and Dinner?

The 1961 movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s seems to be the beginning of the many “generic love comedies” that plague the theaters today.  With an 88% approval rating from Rottentomatoes.com the movie had been considered a screen master piece for decades, an obvious choice for the Film Festival held at the historic Campus Theatre.  This movie seemed to be able to project the idea that there is some one out there for every one, regardless of the circumstances.  This movie was able to project a situation where the audience wanted something to happy, Paul and Holly to get together, but made them wait for the entire movie for it.  What ever happened to movies that had an original plot, good acting, and a happy ending?  Where did all of these movies go?

The classics are dead.  They are often pushed a side and replaced with movies that focus more on what things look like than the acting.  Are people really wanting to pay close to 10$ to go see a movie that is so unbelievable that everything is computer generated or are people just looking for a movie that has a good plot line with good acting?  An interesting things about this movie is that there is no nudity, no super special effects, no violence, and very little if any profanity.  These themes seem to find their ways into every movie that is produced today, almost as a distraction from the terrible plot lines riddled with holes, or the terrible acting.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s was able to be original and creative and that is what people like about it.  The casting was great, the plot was solid, and the themes were believable what move could people want?

Do movies today even have a theme?  It would appear that newly released movies are all about solving problems by blowing them up, shooting them to pieces, killing them, seducing them, drugging them up, or laughing at them.  Though Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a surprisingly a very good movie, it did remind me of the many generic romantic comedy movies that seem to be coming out weekly in today’s theaters.  How many movies do we see the shy quiet guy eventually after struggling through out the movie land the lead girl.  Though I must admit this does happen in life sometimes, movies often over play it, because of the feel good ending.  The many different love comedies that seem to come out every summer often echo the same things that Breakfast at Tiffany’s was able to capture so wonderfully.  That is, the is such thing as “true love” but sometimes it takes a while for both people to realize it.

Another good thing about watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s is that it is faster than reading the book.  As George found out…

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2 Responses to What about Lunch and Dinner?

  1. Jordi says:

    I know what you mean. It is sad that a movie has become good enough for me if it does not have a groan-inducing plot hole.

    Part of the bang bang, thank you m’am style is that it is easy to sell globally; apparently all 15-18 year old males like to watch things blow up. Also, genre movies (action, horror, sci-fi) reliably make more money than “dramas.” Some ( Titanic; Slumdog Millionaire) will make a HUGE return, but many do not, and the movie business is controlled more by number crunchers looking for average expected return than artistic risk-takers.

  2. mnickels says:

    I think we are forgetting about some of the more sentimental movies that do come out today but may not be as recognized. There are Indie films that are great movies and aren’t all about blowing things up or scaring people. The media might have a part in this though, in advertising the movies that are bound to make a lot of money with a certain genre instead of those that are well-directed or well-produced with good acting. It’s sad that the movie world is dominated by those looking to make a buck.

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