Who are the 99%?

On Saturday morning I was laying around being lazy as usual. That was until I heard people outside screaming “Justice Now” and “We Resent the 1%”. So knowing that I had to write this blog I got off my couch and decided to follow them down to the post office on Market Street. When I approached the crowd what I was most fascinated by was that were an array people there. There were young and old. People in their 60s and Bucknell students. They were holding up signs like “Fed Up” and various other signs that dealt with corporate greed. There were people who spoke and others who sang. It was a peaceful rally that brought together people who had a common goal of bringing the Occupy movement to rural Pennsylvania.

I respected those who became involved and admire those people, especially students, who are that fervent about the topic to go out and protest as they did. However, I am beginning to realize that the Occupy protests have turned into something different for everyone involved. It began to tackle the greed that has overtaken Wall Street. Now it has spread to four continents. I do agree that there is corporate greed in every country and that there is a global crisis occurring, but the movement has turned into a fight against greed, jobs, unions, government etc. There’s just not one thing to protest anymore. I think because of this, I think the movement is becoming less and less relevant.

Looking at the protest in Lewisburg, I thought the same thing. What are they fighting for? Is it greed, employment, executive compensation etc? The movement has just become to vast to tell.

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7 Responses to Who are the 99%?

  1. jwhite17 says:

    I definitely agree with you in the fact that the protesters don’t have a common agenda, and this will definitely hurt them in the long run. I feel that in order for these protests to have a substantive effect, or create pressure for reform the protesters have to choose a topic to concentrate on, and demand change in that particular area. Without that force, it will be easy to dismiss them on the whole.

  2. RickE says:

    Remeber though, the problem isn’t just corporate greed, the Cracked article that was blogged about in an earlier post made that clear, it’s important to remember the government’s role in this as well.

  3. ChrisB says:

    I would also agree that a protest with lots of different agendas and goals is hard to keep up, but maybe this says something about the problem. Perhaps the problem has spread to many different facets of life and there is no one solution.

  4. tesoman says:

    Similarly to Alyssa’s experience it is clear to see that this protest that once focused on Wal-Street taxes now entertains everything that can be liked back to the negative outputs of corporate America. These protests have created a sort of forum for all of those who have had any kind of qualm stemming from Wal-Street to come out and hope that their voices will be heard…sadly, Chris might be right when he says that there might be so many different issues that no simple conclusion can be made

  5. cornerback5 says:

    Hmmm… interesting. I wonder why people can’t seem to stay on the same page. Maybe if they were more focused on one goal then they might be able to induce a better response from their target than the silent treatment they are receiving now.

  6. mcrawford says:

    I am glad you brought this question of what protesters are fighting for up in the blog. I think it is a great thing that many people are coming together and fighting for things they believe in but feel in order to make an overall social change a clear message needs to be defined.

  7. Jordi says:

    Against unions? Did you see someone against unions…?

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