71 Years Later, Still A Cinematic and Musical Symbol

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To be honest, it was just simply weird; it represents an entire alternate way of fantasizing and thinking.  As I sat and watched the dancing hippos, it was… well… mesmerizing.  And of course, the music! The classical music from musicians such as Bach and Tschiakovsky (The Nutcracker) has this effect on your emotions, combining with the imagery in such a hypnotic fashion. The imagery and music made me feel so intensely relaxed, so entranced, that it felt like I just could not stay awake.

Movies today seem to be all about making us laugh or getting us highly excited with action scenes. New movies like Transformers or Harry Potter are mesmerizing in their own way, but it all goes back to the bold and original vision of Walt Disney.

If you haven’t seen Fantasia, you definitely should.  It’s one of those old-school classics that everyone should see once in their lives.

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One Response to 71 Years Later, Still A Cinematic and Musical Symbol

  1. katiebaum13 says:

    I agree with you in the fact that movies are completely different now then they were back then. The older movies were so obsessed with action movies and trying to keep the audience entertained, they more focused on the different emotions they create for the audience. I must admit that as a child I hated the movie Fantasia and it kind of scared me when I was young.

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