Confused protesters…


And some more who should probably lay off the green leafy substance…

LiveLeak talks to confused protesters

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4 Responses to Confused protesters…

  1. mike cardinute says:

    This guy is ridiculous. This is why the whole idea of protesting is not taken seriously because of people like him. I can only imagine what the partners are saying about this guy, while looking at him from their windows.

  2. awhigbee says:

    This is something that causes me frustration about this protest. I understand why having no single unified leader is advantageous and righteous to the cause but the way that people like this make fun of the Occupy Wall Street protests is absurd. These are people who are trying to make a change for everyone in the United States because everyone is implied in this cause. I hope that these people will leave the movement and learn that this is important for everyone.

  3. katiebaum13 says:

    This video also makes me annoyed and frustrated. I think that the issue is a very important issue, and it is sad that it is not getting the serious attention it deserves because people are making a mockery out of the entire protest.

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