Blog awards round 2

Here ye, here ye,

the Second Blog Council,

Jason, Chris, Tom, and Editor-in-Chief, JC,

met and have proclaimed:

Best Blog: The bank took my home! My very expensive fancy home! For shame!  By Justin (Criteria were quality and ability to provoke discussion)

Best Title: Third World America  by Eli (Fully acknowledging its delightful inversion of the Third World term).

Most Informative: Taste for risk… Toxic Assets Anyone? by Mike (You should read it.)

Best Media Usage: Why Occupy Wall Street  by Alyssa

*Socrates of the Week* Wilt Chamberlain is Overrated by Carl (very philosophical)

Overall, the BC found several great posts published Friday 10/14, round 5 of posts.  However, there were too many that seemed weakly written; “phoned in” was one phrase used.  Also, titles are good, but some are false advertising.  They sound nice, but do not actually relate to content of the post.

Finally, the BC would like to institute a contest to see who can get the most traffic to their post next week.  Details to come.

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