So this week’s blog competition is going to be much different so pay close attention!  The topic you are going to blog about is something you have learned in your research of your final paper.  If you have already thought about what you wanted to blog about for this week simply save it for next week.  Here are the guidelines for the competition:

The winner for the blog contest is the author who has THE LEAST amount of comments on their post.  What this does is push you to make more than the required 3 comments per week.  Your own comments on your own posts do not count. Also comments must have substantive!

First place will receive a free homework pass.  Second place will have the option to not answer three questions on next week’s homework.  And third place will have the option to not answer two questions on next week’s homework.

Remember to comment on as many other authors as you can to increase the chance of you having the least amount of comments on your post!  Also, you should try to get your friends to comment on posts as well to pull others into our blog and also increase your chances.

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2 Responses to NEW CONTEST RULES

  1. Jordi says:

    I temporarily revoked all your statuses to “author” so you can’t play with comments. You are busted back to private. Get a move on, soldier!

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