Possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen…

My title has nothing to do with what I’m writing! But I did get you to visit my blog post so, hah!

I was really interested in the juxtaposition of the two energy companies we read about this past week. I most liked thinking about how one really cleaned up its act and the other one suffered a massive spill. It is interesting to see how quickly these things can change even though these are large companies involved in a complex business with many protocols and regulations.

Although it was not necessarily this clear cut it is relatively easy to see how these companies can be compared by their recent publicity and standings in the energy business. BP suffered a huge disaster both for their brand image as well as quality control. Now although BP gets a bad rap it could happen to any oil company based on the risks they take when drilling. Petrobras received publicity in the opposite way, strengthening their public image and quality control. When they cleaned up their act the media and public noticed and commended them for it.


I bring up these two companies because it is extraordinary how quickly things changed for them. Since Petrobras is not in the US I have less experience with it but, when the BP spill occurred I knew people who boycotted their gas even though they would ordinarily buy it. However it is easy to see that once Petrobras cleaned up its act, they turned more of a profit. It is all about the image that a company has especially in the controversial area of energy.

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4 Responses to Possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen…

  1. Jordi says:

    Is this your post for the week?

    The pictures are hilarious…

  2. Alex, my friend, I think you are confused….you are NOT trying to draw attention to your blog this week….you are definetely losing right now….

  3. Alyssa Haglund says:

    haha, alex I like yo pics, but again you don’t want anyone to comment!

  4. jwhite17 says:

    Well, unfortunately you drew me in, so here’s another comment. Sorry. I definitely agree that for an energy company public image is huge, especially since green technology and environmentalism in general is becoming such a large part of our lives. I think that it is becoming the base expectation that a company is a responsible curator of the environment.

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