I want to write my paper on the topic of healthcare and healthcare policy . Healthcare is a topic that affects everyone in society. Since it is a very important subject there are many different viewpoint on what types of healthcare people should receive given their specific situations.

A topic I want to dive deeper in is on the issue of health care in the National Football League (NFL). There has been much controversy and debate as to whether retired football players should continue to receive healthcare benefits after their years in the NFL are over. Players argue that with such a dangerous occupation with a great risk of injuries they deserve to be guaranteed life long healthcare. Many argue that they are no longer able to work in the workforce after they have left the NFL due to injuries and deserve to receive the benefits they cannot receive by not being able to work. Many retirees are very concerned with their futures after they leave the NFL. Former Lions offensive lineman stated, “Every guy should have total health care; you should have permanent health care. To me, most of your problems don’t happen until you get later on in life, and as it stands now, five years after you’re out the game, your health care is terminated. To me, that’s not fair.” He continued saying,  “The average career for an NFL player is four years,” Brown said. “If a guy comes out at 21 or 22 years old and has a four-year career, he’s done by 26 or 27. Five years after that, you’re 32, and your insurance is gone. You have the rest of your life. It’s a big issue now, with all the things that are happening with post-concussion syndrome, dementia and all the things they are finding that’s correlated with football.”

What I plan on arguing in this paper is whether or not this is a fair argument/request. One would have to look at the what it would cost the NFL to answer these requests and whether or not they are able to do it. I would look at the issue from both sides, the players’ stand point as well as the NFL organization.  There are many interesting questions that come up when looking at this topic, such as : If NFL does answer these requests, then should this policy apply to other high-risk occupations? It would be interesting to compare different occupations along with the health care plans to determine what would be “fair” or not. Where does one draw the line as to what is considered high risk? I feel like this would be a very interesting topic to write about as I find healthcare a very important issue in today’s society. It will be interesting to tie it in with different topics such as sports.

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3 Responses to healthcare

  1. bucknell92 says:

    This is an intersting approach to Healthcare, applying it to a specific area that is often over looked. College and professional athletes seem to be over looked because the have such a “wonderful” experence in college being able to travel, compete, and win at such a high academic level. I wouldn’t say that everything about athletics is bad, but there is a trade off that a lot of people that don’t play college athletics don’t understand.

  2. mcrawford says:

    I think combing healthcare policies with sports is a great way to write about something you are interested in while still looking into a major policy issue. The only concern I have with this topic is whether or not you are going to have enough reliable resources from business and government sources, are you planning on looking at past polices and potential polices for the future concerning Healthcare in the NFL or taking a different approach? Also I think comparing healthcare polices with other National sports may be interesting.

  3. ChrisB says:

    Interesting topic. I would agree that there are definitely side affects to playing football that won’t manifest into physical problems until much later in life. There is, however, the fact that every football player chose to play in the NFL. Perhaps if the players’ union decided to put money away towards retired players’ insurance that could help solve the problem. Either way, seems like this should be an interesting topic to research.

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