Instant Health!

What is there was something that you could take that would cut body fat, increase strength, and give you the body you wanted; but there is one catch, you only have invest half the time as you would without it.  Sounds like a good deal, a short-term approach to being able to run fast and longer, lift more, and looked better.  Why wouldn’t we want people to be able to take this substance, it seems that there are no real short-term draw backs to having a body like the movie stars.  I have been working on my argument paper this week and have been arguing the use of steroids is a rea life short-termism approach to health.  Those that take steroids are able to lift more, run fast, and look much larger than those that do not take steroids, but there have been some interesting findings about the effects of steroids.  I have been reading a lot of different articles about steroid use and the long-term damage that they can have on people’s bodies.

For starters steroids are synthetic testosterone that can either be injected directly into the blood stream, injected through pill form, or can be applied as a cream that is absorbed through the skin.  Some short-term side effects of using steroids are increased acne, body hair growth, balding, and psychological changes (depression is the most common).  An interesting finding that I have read about in numerous articles is that all of the short-term side effects of steroids are reversible in males, but the deeper voice, balding, and sexual organ mutations are not reversible in females.  Kind of a catch 22, you take steroids to make your body look better only to have to do more to fight against the side effects that damage your body image.

Some of the long-term side effects that have been listed in steroid users are stomach ulcers, tumors on the live, kidney, and stomach, and more common is the increase of heart failure.  After watching a Nation geographic special on steroids I learned that steroids increase the body’s production of bad cholesterol and decreased the body’s production of good cholesterol, this dangerous side effect leads to heart attacks or strokes.  It would appear that the short-term investment in steroids has not only short-term negative side effects but can have a much more dangerous life threatening long-term side effects.

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9 Responses to Instant Health!

  1. KCasty says:

    The problem with steroids and the reason for Americans’ draw to them is their immediate and obvious effect. This is the reason for Americans using diet pills and other dietary supplements in order to lose weight. People are not willing to put the time and energy into diet and exercise when they know that it is going to take a long time for them to see results. They want fast-acting solutions to their problems, which, more times than not, are going to have negative consequences, just as you mentioned about the steroids. There is no doubt, just as you said, that steroids are a great example of short-termism in Americans’ everyday lives.

  2. eeewald says:

    I think it’s really interesting how the steriod issue parrallels our current economic woes. Steriods can tremendously improve your body and physical capabilities in the short run, but from a health standpoint this is not sustainable. In economics, corporations are constantly looking short-term to improve their financial postion but hardly consider the long-term rammifications of their behavior, and we have all seen what can happen when corporations have this mindset.

  3. mnickels says:

    I think people love to have quick results and especially results that don’t take much effort. We can be so lazy at times! Who doesn’t want a quick solution to something though? The quick solution to things usually means more side effects and not as good of an outcome over time. Steroids might have a great short-term effect, but in the long run the effects of them are not so great. I feel like this also relates to our society and how a lot of decisions are made looking at just short-term results.

  4. ALXLIONS says:

    Steriods wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it wasn’t for sports. Who cares about the meathead in the weight room who is using steriods? Maybe he looks huge and muscular but it is also not natural looking and unattractive for the most part. Unless he is Arnold Schwarzenegger, that guy in your local weightroom doesn’t matter. But steriods take away from all the great achievements of previous greats in sports. It seems like all amazing records in baseball are diminished because some guy wants to make a name for himself and takes steriods.

  5. ALXLIONS says:

    You should of asked me before using my picture in your blog…

  6. Slade says:

    I have heard of people talking about different sports potentially talking about giving athletes different awards for cheating or using steroids. So instead of there being one list for things there would be two in existence for each sport; the cheating list and normal list. This would make the biggest difference in baseball stats and all-time lists which I think is a great idea. Do you wanna be on the top of a list no one respects in addition to getting the same criticism you would normally for what you have done?

  7. tpm011 says:

    I agree that steroids would not be a big deal if sports were taken out of the equation. Steroids have tainted many sports and it distorts the fan’s perception of what is humanly possible. I know that Mark Cuban is a fan of having athletes use steroids if they were being constantly evaluated by doctors. I do not know if this would be a good idea or not because a person who uses steroids in my mind is still a cheater.

  8. Jordi says:

    Um, elephant in the living room? What does it do to your genitalia? Is that urban myth?

  9. brenda says:

    that was the article? wow

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