Hey! Wait! Is that your hand in my pocket friend!?

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          In doing my research on how state laws aid or impede labor unions, I came across right to work laws.  These laws are rulings, allowed under provisions of the Taft-Hartley Act, which forbid bargains between companies and labor unions that make affiliation, payment of union dues, or fees a condition of employment.  If this were allowed, then jobs become a closed shop.  A closed shop is a type of union security agreement that allows the employer to only hire union members, and requires employees to always be a part of the union in order to remain employed.  These rights to work laws are being implemented already in 22 US states.

         I am in favor of these type of laws because I believe that no person should be forced to be a part of something that they do not want to be a part of.  Workers should have the right to choose whether or not they would like to be associated with unions.  Furthermore, it would be wrong to make someone pay fees to be employed.  Labor unions are designed to increase benefits, such as employee pay.  So in knowing this, it would be contradictory of them to turn around and take money out of the very pockets it is designed to protect.  Moreover, why should a person be forced to give money to a union when the union can turn around and use it to support a cause, such as a political campaign for example, that someone might not want to support?  I do think labor unions are a good idea, but they should have regulations like this in place to prevent them from having too much power.

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5 Responses to Hey! Wait! Is that your hand in my pocket friend!?

  1. Jordi says:

    Punctuation Saves Lives.
    “Is that your hand in my pocket friend!?:
    “Is that your hand in my pocket, friend!?

    Otherwise you have a “pocket friend.” Which may sound weird. Or like a pokemon.

  2. Hey, thanks for providing this information (I had no idea about this law), I agree completely with your analysis. Why would “closed shops” even be a good thing for a company?

  3. Also, just a side-thought, what if unions became “too big to fail”?! I’m glad this law is already in place in some states, because as we all know this will work to prevent gaining too much power.

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