Memento: Part 2

“I guess I’ve already told you about my condition… It seems I can’t remember anything. Just an anonymous room, nothing in the drawers. You know who you are, all about yourself, but on a day to day basis notes are really useful.”

 You can question everything, but you’ll never know anything for sure except for the certainties of picking up a coffee cup or that the sun will rise in the east and set in the west. Introspective thinking may allow you to better understand your views on the world, but interactive communication is the only way to truly learn about others. Consider the differences of talking on the phone and making eye contact while talking in person. Eye contact creates a much greater connection because of the contextual non-verbal cues surrounding speech, rather than simply relying on verbal cues alone.

Close your eyes and remember. Feel the details, the bits and pieces that you could never put into words. Allow yourself to get lost in the moment, to transport yourself to another time, another place. But be careful, because the more you revisit a memory the more distorted it can become. The details you once knew become the details of your imagination.

Rather than ruin the movie I pose this question: What would you do if you could never form new memories?

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2 Responses to Memento: Part 2

  1. Alyssa Haglund says:

    I haven’t seen this movie, so I don’t have proper insight into what you are referring to, but the thought of not forming new memories is absolutely miserable. Going through life with the inability to remember anything you are doing would be absurd. Additionally, people learn from their mistakes, but if they cannot remember making these mistakes, then how will they learn?

    My solution: become a photographer! This way you have proof of all of your experiences and can refer back to the pictures to know what you did on a certain day…

  2. Matt, how many blogs do you post a week?!

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