11/3 article questions…

1) “Strategic fit” is defined as matching a company’s capabilities and resources to the external factors present in the marketplace.  Would Kiva have a better strategic fit to stick with the 0% interest on loans, or would the better strategic fit be for the company to start offering interest for the loans?

2) When you hear the word “entrepreneur,” what is the first image that comes into your mind? How does this image play into your perception of social entrepreneurs? Do you believe the number of social entrepreneurs in the United States / the world has increased or decreased over the years? Why is this the case?

3) One of Richard Rorty’s essays in Objectivity, Relativism, and Truth: Philosophical Papers, Volume 1, written in 1990, is called “The Priority of Democracy to Philosophy.”  In this essay, Rorty defends Rawls against communitarian critics and argues that personal ideals of perfection and standards of truth are no more needed in politics than a state religion. Rorty writes that he views Rawls’ concept of reflective equilibrium as a more appropriate way of conceptualizing political decision-making in modern liberal democracies.  Do you agree or disagree with Rorty (and Rawls)? Explain your answer.

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