Food, 45 minutes later…..and still no parking!!!!

The one thing I would change is the logistics of Bucknell. First, I can’t stand not being able to find a parking spot anywhere on campus. Second, I can’t stand not being able to grab a bite to eat before class from 12-1 or between 5-7pm everyday!

There is no bigger pain then driving to a specific destination and not having a place to park. Whether it is on Saturdays to attend a Bucknell Football game, going to class, getting food, or going to the library. Basically anywhere!! First of all, Bucknell basically restricts where we can park so that cuts down on available parking spots. I believe, during the weekdays from 6am-5pm students are banned from parking in front of Swartz, the library, Botany, parts of the Gateways, Marts Hall, and in front of the stadium. With that being said, where the heck can we park? One way to solve this would be to make some staff parking available for students to park since there are far more students on campus then staff.

The next issue is the bison and the café. It takes 45 minutes just for me to order food during lunch and dinnertime. It is almost as if you are not at the Bison or Café between those two time frames then you’re missing out on something. The whole entire school is present at those two locations everyday. It never fails. Something has to change; they are operating like a monopoly. They are the only source of “real” food in a 2-5 mile radius inside of Bucknell. What if we didn’t have a car or any mode of transportation to eat elsewhere? We are stuck paying for overpriced food that still does not taste good? I think they should find a way to open some restaurants that are in walking distance from campus so everyone does not eat at the same place and at the same time day in and day out.

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6 Responses to Food, 45 minutes later…..and still no parking!!!!

  1. KCasty says:

    I share your frustration with the lack of student parking on campus. Although Bucknell’s campus is small enough to walk around and I therefore very rarely drive anywhere, there is comfort in knowing that if it is too cold outside or if I am running late for a class or group meeting, I can just hope in my car and drive from my off campus house to wherever I need to go and easily find a parking spot. However, this is rarely the case. For example, unless you are going up to the library early on a weekend morning, chances are you will have to park way up in the cornfields and you end up walking almost as far as you would have had to without parking. I agree that there is way too much staff parking and not nearly enough student parking for the student to staff ratio at Bucknell.

    • Alyssa Haglund says:

      “way up in the cornfeilds” is actually relative at this point because of all of the construction. There are so many less parking spots available up there. The school has also removed the 15 minute parking on the side of the quadrangle, which I found quite frustrating. Best bet: stadium/observatory parking

  2. awhigbee says:

    Ways the Bison has tried to fix the long lines:
    – putting up a sign that says its busiest times are 11-1 and 5-7

    And thats it…..literally. How is this supposed to help us? So now we know what the busiest times are? Well yes, I think we already knew that. We should have some kind of express register so that we can move along the people who are buying something right before class or something to go to the library. It is really interesting that Bucknell students can make this critiques and see so little of their ideas come to fruition. Why doesn’t Bucknell ask us to design our own dining system? I am confident that a combination of management students and engineers could create something revolutionary and functional.

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  5. mnickels says:

    The Bison has also tried to fix their lines by changing how the wrap station works. Instead of having two people that each serve a customer, they have one person heat up the wrap, put cheese/condiment and meat on it, then pass it on to the second person. This makes everything so much slower. Only one person is really doing any work and the other person is sitting there waiting for the second person to be done so they can heat up another wrap! If you’re going to have two people working the wrap station you might as well make both of them work instead of using only one person really. Assembly lines work for some operations, but this is ridiculous. Having two people is not exactly the best assembly line, and really only using one person for everything does not make anything faster. They need to change it back to having each worker serve a customer; this would make my wait time go down and would make me a lot happier.

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