Les questions pour cette semaine


1) Explain Kiva.org’s revenue model. Given that zero percent of Kiva’s loans are interest-bearing, does Kiva have a sustainable business model? How about in light of a global economic recession? What makes Kiva adaptable to shifting economic conditions?

2) “Membership in a movement requires the ability to see particular campaigns for particular goals as parts of something much bigger, and as having little significance in themselves.”- Richard Rorty.

Would Rorty be in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement? Or would he say that they view their strikes as overly significant, in themselves? What would Rorty have to say on the matter, in general?

3) “Today, individuals seeking meaningful work frequently opt to build, join, advocate for, or support organizations that are more innovative, more responsive, and operationally superior to traditional social structures.” – David Bornstein.

As romantic as that sounds, Bornstein’s book was published in 2003, several years before the recession. Many college students retain an entrepreneurial mindset, but do you think it’s realistic given today’s job market? Is the concept of an entrepreneur a dying one?

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