The Survey Says….

“For the time being, citizens, uninspired by the political leaders, may be voting less, but they are fulfilling many needs in direct ways.” – Though there has been a decrease in the percent of the population that is voting, is simple an act of “anti-globalization” or is it a disconnect between shareholders and government leaders?  Are there shareholders when it comes to political elections?

Campaigns and movements This article discussed the sense of a global prison that is often controlled by a select few that are on the constant warpath.  Though there is a very big problem with complex equality, with something so vast and in trenched in world history, how are we supposed to stop the influence of each country in different spheres?

Kiva- Kiva seems to a good idea in the current market situations, but like many other things on the rise do you think that Kiva will become another company that ends up crashing like other small promising companies?  Why?

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