Lewisburg Po Po is a No No

If I had to change one thing about Bucknell/Lewisburg it would be Lewisburg police and how they abuse their power. I think one of the greatest things about Bucknell is the downtown environment and how there are so many college houses close together. On a given Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night there might be a dozen house parties downtown. I think the house parties are more fun then going to a fraternity house or the over-packed Bull Run. Unfortunately, over my four years at Bucknell, the police has shut down countless parties that I have attended because they are “disorderly gatherings”.

I know the police have to do their job and make sure things are safe and under control. They have to make sure young 17-18 year old freshman are drinking responsibly since they are at college for the first time.  They have to make sure that houses are not being broken into or there isn’t violence like fights. I understand this completely and I feel like they do a good job since downtown Lewisburg is a safe community.

I think they need to realize that is a college town and let us enjoy our college experience like they did. When I talk to my friends from home and tell them about the Lewisburg police they are in shock. They tell me that they have never heard of a party being shut down for being too loud or having too many people. I think the Lewisburg police has nothing better to do but to shut down house parties at night. Making college students pay the couple hundred-dollar fine is their way of bringing in thousands of dollars a year for themselves. Whats the big deal if our party is loud? For the majority of the houses downtown, the neighbors are fellow college students. There are a few locals that live downtown but they have lived there for so long that they are used to the parties and I highly doubt they are calling the police because of the noise. I understand if there are kids puking or pissing on the street and the party is stopped for that reason. But I feel like the cops are just hiding around corners waiting for someone to make a mistake so they can snatch them. There main goal should be to make sure that we are safe from violence, not if a party is too big or loud. Let us have our fun!!!!!

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5 Responses to Lewisburg Po Po is a No No

  1. KCasty says:

    I completely agree with you, Alex. I live in a downtown house right next to “normal” family. When my mom drove up to Lewisburg with me to move some of my stuff into my house before the school year started, the woman who lives next door was outside working on her garden. My mom asked her how she could stand living right next door and across the street from rowdy college students and she replied “It doesn’t bother us. We have college aged students, so we’re used to it.” The “normal” people who live downtown chose to live their knowing what they were getting themselves into / who their neighbors were going to be. It obviously isn’t the downtown residents who are always calling the police to break up noisy parties, so what is their reasoning?

  2. Alyssa Haglund says:

    Well Alex, the police have gotten to the point where they are not longer waiting for you to make a mistake, they will actually approach you for no reason! They will approach you and ask if you have been drinking, which to many underclassmen or underage students can be very firghtening!

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  4. jwhite17 says:

    I completely agree, the Lewisburg police department oversteps reasonable bounds all the time. This isn’t just a problem for college students, however. I’ve talked to people local to Lewisburg, and they also feel that the police are ridiculous in terms of apprehending and charging people. This means that this is a systematic problem of the Lewisburg police department.

  5. Nate says:

    This wouldn’t be an issue if the drinking age was set to 18. A wise man once said, “If you’re old enough to serve in the military and die in war, then you should be able to drink a beer.” But that’s besides the fact. Just throwing it out there. Power to the people.

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