More Regulation Needed

This week we are supposed to complain about something we don’t like about Bucknell.  While there are a number of legitimate issues I have with the school that concern a wide range of students, I’m going to complain about a personal issue: the temperature of my room.  I have no control over the temperature of room other than the single small window, which does not even come close to forming a proper seal, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when the heat comes on in my room.  Both freshman year in Smith and sophomore year in the mods I had a thermostat that could be switched to either cold or hot and that Bucknell trusted me to regulate.  The past two and a half years have been a different story.

Due to the geometry of my house and my room in particular, the temperature inside my room is very dependent upon the outside temperature.  My room is on the third floor and juts out over our porch so the ceiling, floor, and three of my four walls are exposed to the elements.  Throw in my extremely drafty window and I’m essentially camping every night I spend in my room.  I have no A/C so the early Fall and late Spring are unbearably hot and in between it bounces back and forth between arctic temperatures and uncomfortably hot, thanks to my uncontrollable heating system.  Today is a perfect example.  It is warmer by far today than the past few days but somehow my heat has been on full blast after being idle since last week sometime.

Bucknell might be able to make the case that the frat house I live in is pretty old and getting torn down soon that it is not realistic to make major modifications to the climate control systems.  However, my mod sophomore year had a solar-powered heating and A/C unit and judging by the by wood paneling and cracked linoleum flooring, I’m willing to bet that mod wasn’t very new and I’ve heard rumors that the mods aren’t going to be around much longer either.  So why invest in them and not my current house?

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3 Responses to More Regulation Needed

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  2. tesoman says:

    Haha! I live in Trax and my temperature is controlled by the school as well but the problem is that I have no idea what temperature will come out of my AC. It was not nearly cold enough on the few days that it was particularily hot early on in the semester and I roasted while on these recent cold nights, it has only reduced the temperature of the room further. Although I know putting thermo-stats in room costs far too much, I wonder whether they could entertain the thought of putting in thermo-stats for the halls so that the RA could monitor the temperature for the entire hall (or even building) so that if its particularily chilli they can increase the temperature. If people do not want to get hot ac, then they do not have to use it and still enjoy their room temperature.

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