All Rules But No Game

Every first year Bucknell students has experience the bubble phenomenon known as the “hook-up culture”.  This type of relationship seems to be spreading throughout campus and taking control of the a large percentage of the student population.  This type of relationship is leaving some Bucknell students with the desire of a more meaningful relationship.  One would ask why do students subject themselves to all of the hassle of an awkward wake-up, “walk of shame”, and the stories that others spread.  These activities can lead to some pretty embarrassing nicknames.

This is the one thing I would change because it would seem that this phenomenon is spreading but students just complain and don’t change any of their actions.  Though I don’t have any good ideas or simple solutions to this problem it one thing that has bothered me since arriving on campus.  Every Sunday, almost like clock work, I sit in the caf and listen to everyone’s story and who they hooked up and how awkward it was.  These stories pile up and can be pretty amusing it does get very repetative hearing pretty much the same thing every weekend.  Though I would agree that this is an important of the college learning experience, but does it have to be every weekend?

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4 Responses to All Rules But No Game

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  2. knriggins says:

    I agree that this is a really sad truth. I’ve heard an endless number of girls (and even occasionally guys) talk about how they hate the hook up culture. But it seems like nothing much has changed. I’ve heard girls blame it all on the guys, but personally I think we (girls) are just as much to blame. Don’t let them get away with it, or your just as much to blame for the outcome. I don’t know if that is too harsh, but that’s really how I feel. We need to have more respect for each other. I wish I had a solution, but I think it’s a complex issue that plagues colleges across the country, not just Bucknell. Hopefully we grow up eventually.

  3. Jordi says:

    I appreciate you bringing up a sensitive subject in an accessible way. Professor Bill Flack, in Psychology here, has done a lot of research on sexual behavior and student life. I am pretty sure that you are correct that the “hook up” system is more prevalent across time and campuses. I am not sure what the underlying explanation is. IN general, collective behavior is reinforced by a complex set of institutional arrangements and cultural cues. Often, one’s identity as to how one “is supposed” to act in reference to a group triggers choices. So, in a nutshell, why are more stable relationships not sought or pursued?

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