Bucknell Athletes

I love Bucknell and have enjoyed my 4 years here but there are a few issues I would change to make it a better experience. I grew up in a family with 3 other division 1 athletes and out of all four universities, Bucknell has the weakest relationship with their athletes.

Most schools have accommodations for athletes when it comes to classes and schedule due to the intense time commitments that they have. Most schools allow student athlete register for classes earlier so they can schedule their classes around their practices. There have also been many times where I have felt that it was more of a detriment to me to be an athlete than if I wasn’t in a classroom setting. There are many professors of which I have had who don’t like student athletes and refuse to make any changes in order to accommodate them. Many professors make it clear in their opinions on student athletes. I have actually been told by a professor to drop their class on the first day because I was an athlete and  they would not excuse any absences for things such as traveling and games or make any accommodations (I was only going to miss one class).

I understand that the main reason why I am at this school is to be a student, and to emphasize more on STUDENT in the word student-athlete, but I feel that it is important to have certain accommodations for athletes that are reasonable. It is important for the school to understand what we do and how we actually help the university in many aspects. I think we need to focus on improving the relationship between athletes and faculty as well as how the school views athletes, so they have a greater understanding of what we do and the time commitments given to represent Bucknell University.

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4 Responses to Bucknell Athletes

  1. tpm011 says:

    I agree that some teachers can be harsh when it comes to accommodating athletes. I do not think that we (athletes) should get treatment in picking classes first. While I would like it, and i do hate bucknell’s class picking system, i don’t think it would be fair because a lot of bucknellians are athletes. You can get away with preferential treatment in bigger schools because the athlete population is relatively insignificant, I don’t think thats the case at Bucknell.

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  3. mnickels says:

    I am not sure about getting preference to pick classes based on being an athlete, but I do think management majors should be able to get preference on certain classes. Most of the classes we get preference on are 300 levels and we take these senior year, so we basically get preference already. A lot of my classes I took as a sophomore I did get preference in registration, and I HAD to take those classes to graduate. I had to go to the registrar to tell them I needed to be in a certain class to earn my degree and eventually they would accommodate me and let me into a class I was not able to register for. But this is not really fair. A lot of classes we have to take are open to other majors and anyone can register for them, but I actually am required to take the class and need to be in it to get my degree and graduate. At other schools some majors are given preference in scheduling and schedule a couple of days before others do. If this could happen for certain management classes I think it would help with the problem of people not getting into classes they need to take. Maybe I am also the only person who has had a problem with this though.

  4. ChrisB says:

    I think it is ridiculous that a professor wouldn’t allow you to miss a class because you had to travel with your team. Professors should keep in mind that athletes are going to have to miss a class or two for their team. Having said that, I don’t think athletes should get to pick classes before everyone else. We all have to take certain classes to graduate and being on a sports team has no bearing on that.

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