Bucknell Dining: Changing the Recipe

Bucknell University uses Parkhearst as the supplier of all the food on campus. In other words Parkhearst has a monopoly on all things food and beverage at Bucknell. I think that having diversity in dining options would be much better for Bucknell and its students. 

When students go to the Bison or the Bostwick Cafeteria, they can only get food prepared by Parkhearst. I think this is ridiculous. Since Parkhearst is the only show in town they are able to get away with things that they wouldn’t if there was competition. The Bison is overpriced, has poor service and the food is mediocre. I think that Bucknell should not renew its contract with Parkhearst and instead invite multiple different food vendors. A few that come to mind right now are Chipotle, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Panera, and DQ. Students would have a lot more options and the food would be infinitely better.

With these different options, customer satisfaction would be a much higher priority. As of right now, all students need to be on a meal plan. That means that Parkhearst doesn’t have to worry about customer satisfaction because we are forced to buy meal plans that only work at Parkhearst facilities. This type of dining service already exists on many campuses around the country. We could even continue to have the same type of meal plans. What could happen is students would be able to use their declining dollars at any of the food vendors on campus and then that food vendor would gain that money.

I think that the food options at Bucknell have been overlooked for sometime and it is time that we started thinking about it. I believe that this would increase student life on campus.

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4 Responses to Bucknell Dining: Changing the Recipe

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  2. Jordi says:

    Ahem. Parkhearst is where Mr. Undertaker leaves his car. You want Parkhurst

  3. tesoman says:

    There has been talk in the past that the reason that the prices are high is because Parkhurst is still paying back the costs that it incurred when it build its facilities in the LC. I believed that in the past but as the years have past and the prices increased, I must say that it is an excuse that is faltering. I’m not sure if not renewing our contract with Parkhurst is necessarily the right way forward becasue I do not know if Bucknell’s purchasing power could support all the other places that would needed to be brought in to proved some kind of balanced meal variety. I would say that dinning dollars in our mealplan need to extend to downtown business’. Right now campus dollars means that you have to pay campus dollars on top of your required dining dollars. What we need is dinning dollars accepted downtown so we can all choose where we want to eat.

  4. meganm423 says:

    I think revoking the contract to Parkhurst would be detrimental to surrounding communities because Bucknell employs a lot fo Parkhurst workers. I think there needs to be a happy medium where other vendors can come which will then force Parkhurst to lower their prices because of the competition. It will also please the Bucknell students because there will be a greater variety of food.

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