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This week I want to talk about the many opportunities available to Bucknell students that are ignored. Many leaders that come from Bucknell University are eager and willing to be involved with current alums as well as students.

Last week I attended an event in NYC that consisted of four panelists and around 60 other participants that were available to network after the presentation. I randomly opened my email about this event the other day while disregarding many other emails, and therefore was able to attend. I met many women leaders in the financial world, consumer marketing sector, and more, that were willing to help guide me to the correct career path. After returning from the event I told many people about my experience. The students I spoke with have very similar career aspirations as me and were very disappointed they did not see, or did not react to the email advertising this event. Therefore I feel Bucknell needs to create a better system in promoting excellent networking opportunities.

Many of us do not take the time to read events that the CDC has posted or look on the bridge for networking opportunities. I think Bucknell needs to do a better job at getting the students interested in these events, as well as making students understand how useful they can actually be. Each student gets bombarded with emails daily from the CDC that we either do not read or that we are not interested in. I feel a new system has to be established that limits the amount of emails we get and modifies the broad range of activities we are sent daily, in hope of getting more students to attend events that will be beneficial to them.

It seems many seniors verses other years, do use the CDC in hopes of finding a job. I feel if we are able to attract freshman and sophomore’s to the many opportunities weekly, they will be better prepared for the future and able to build an extremely large network solely on Bucknell Contacts formed through networking events.

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4 Responses to E-mails E-mails E-mails

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  2. tesoman says:

    I absolutely agree. The only reason I have a job now is through the CDC and through the interviews that they have set up with campus recruiters and alumni to make sure that we have access to these top companies. We have an great networking system that is possibly, in terms of alumni connections and opportunities, one of the best in the country. Since I have actively sought to see what there is out there, the more confident I am able to make such a strong statement. If more of us used these resources earlier in our Bucknell careers, who knows how far ahead Bucknellians as a group would be…

  3. RickE says:

    I think one of the problems is that these emails don’t target the right people. Most of the CDC emails we get are not targeted at us and are just sent out to everybody, so we get into a habit of disregarding them. If we could have the CDC system know/learn our preferences then we could get less emails an know that when we do get one, we should probably check it out.

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