How Could you be so Heartless?

Student parking at Bucknell is such a hassle and makes me upset; however, I know that student parking on every other college campus that I have been to is for the most part a huge pain as well.  Here at Bucknell, I find myself driving to park in a spot that ends up being a further walk to class than it would have been if I had just walked from my down town house.  It’s also frustrating when continually driving around in search of a parking spot, passing so many empty staff parking spots.  And to make things even worse, the construction seems to put an even bigger burden on the parking situation.  But what aggravates me is that Bucknell’s public safety is basically robbing Bucknell students with the parking tickets they issue.

One particular experience I’ve had in regards to this issue happened last year during the snow storm that we had.  After getting off of work at Bucknell’s annual fund student calling program at midnight, the snow was coming down pretty hard.  As I pulled in to the Sigma Chi parking lot, the ground was completely covered with snow but I managed to park next to the last car in line.  The next morning I woke up and wanted to go to Dunkin’ Donuts and a see a public safety officer writing me a ticket.  It turns out that my car was not parked in between the lines and was about two feet onto the concrete patio area.  The officer did not care that the lines were snow-covered the night before.  I can see if I was parked in a handicapped spot, staff parking, or a no parking area but I was not.  They did not take into the consideration that there was a snow storm that night before.  Tuition at Bucknell is $54,240 and that is why I work.  I don’t do it for my health or to pay off parking tickets.  The cost of that parking ticket was almost the amount I made that night at work.

I have heard many similar stories dealing with public safety issuing them unreasonable parking tickets.  I do think that public safety should issue parking tickets to enforce their parking rules; however, I do not think that they should be unreasonable in the way they go about it.  Give a ticket to a student who is parked in a handicapped spot without a handicapped sticker but maybe give the student who is parked for 16 minutes in the 15 minute parking a break.

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3 Responses to How Could you be so Heartless?

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  2. Jordi says:

    That sounds like reasonable grounds for an appeal. Did you try?

  3. Nate says:

    Yes, I tried and I lost. The appeal system is a joke which is mentioned in some other blog posted because they expect you to write down your argument in a few sentences giving you no opportunity to express the entire scenario for the violation. Then when I went to discuss the parking violation in person with the public safety officers, they were disrespectful and fluffed me off saying that too bad the ticket will stand and they don’t care about my reasons.

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