Parking, Apparently a Big Deal

The one aspect of Bucknell that annoys me the most is far and away public safety’s ridiculous position on parking tickets. On campus I have received four parking tickets. One instance that I feel best displays public safety’s overbearing attitude is when I once parked in 15 minute parking. I had parked my car to unload a Wal-Mart, and being the intelligent and incredibly busy Bucknellian I am forgot that my car was in 15 minute parking until a couple days later. This meant that my battery was dead from my flashers being on for so long. When I remembered where my car was parked and went to check on it I had two tickets, one for parking in 15 minute parking without flashers, and one exactly 16 minutes later for parking in 15 minute parking for over 15 minutes. I suppose that it is fair that they ticket me for being in the spot for over 15 minutes, as that is entirely my fault, but I feel as though the fact that my flashers weren’t physically capable of working could give me some leeway. Unfortunately this was not the case and I had to pay both tickets.
Another great example is when I was moving out of Larison Cottage Sophmore year. I had parked my car outside of the entrance to the cottage to make moving easier as I had no intention of walking a few hundred more feet to get to my car after going down three flights of stairs. Approximately .3 seconds after parking my car a p safe officer came out of nowhere and informed me that I would be getting ticketed for driving on a pathway, and I was lucky to not be getting a ticket for driving on the grass. Ironically she had driven her car on the pathway to give me the ticket. I was then told that one was only allowed to park on the grass during “moving week,” which apparently didn’t include the week that people are moving out of the buildings.
In the end, I feel as though the system is loaded in such a way that students have almost no rights. The appeal system is a joke. I have heard of multiple people getting tickets for not having student decals, even though they ordered them and the administration failed to give them one. Their justification was that the student did not have a screen cap of the order. I suppose that the administration can get away with this, so it is very likely that this will change, but I also feel as though that this is an underhanded strategy when dealing with students.

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5 Responses to Parking, Apparently a Big Deal

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  2. knriggins says:

    My cousin was an alumni visiting over homecoming and parked her car by the stadium in student parking. She was supposed to take a bus in but Bucknell cancelled the bus so she was forced to get a rental car in order to get here. When she was getting ready to leave at the end of homecoming she pulled out of her parking spot, but because she was in a rental car realized she didn’t know how to turn on the lights. She was already backed out of the spot and was holding up a long line of cars so she straightened out and pulled off to the side to find the lights. Meanwhile a P safe officer drives up behind her and gives her a ticket for driving without her lights on and a ticket for reckless driving because she wasn’t looking where she was going (a.k.a looking for the lights). My Uncle and cousin were so angry and they’ve tried to reason with public safety but they kept using the excuse “because it’s not a registered car they have no right to appeal!!!!” WHAT the heck are they supposed to do? Under the existing policy, Public safety could give a student a ticket for parking on the moon with a magic car, and the student would have no way of fighting it. It’s ridiculous!!!!

  3. eeewald says:

    The week before Fall Break I had to go home for a funeral and since no one wanted to drive me back and then have to come pick me up a week later, my dad lent me his car for the week. Sometime between 8:30 p.m. on Sunday when I got back and 8 a.m. the following moring when I went to move the car downtown I got a ticket for having an unregistered vehicle on campus. Seeing as I’m graduating in December I decided that I would tear up the ticket and ignore it believing that they had no idea of who the car belonged to. But the next day I got an electronic version of the ticket sent to my school email. That’s when I got my mom involved. I don’t know how she did it but one heated phone call later, she had managed to get Public Safety to forgive my parking atrocity.

  4. Nate says:

    The appeals system is most definitely a joke. They expect you to write down your case in a few sentences without being able to express a complete synopsis of the violation. That being said, I don’t know of anyone who has won an appeal through this process.

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