Trashy Fines

Since most of the obvious topics (parking, food) have been hit on so far.  I’ll tackle another topic, albeit one I haven’t touched on for a few years:

Bucknell recycling fines.

Look, I’m all for recycling and generally Bucknell does a good job (amount of containers on campus to deposit recyclables).  But the fact that I’ve been fined for people putting the wrong material in a certain bin is ridiculous.  For one, it causes the external effect of people choosing to throw things in the trash, which is the whole point a recycling program has been implemented!  I know friends who did that on principle for a couple weeks because they were fed up with it.  I can’t say I’m the most familiar with Pennsylvania or Union County’s recycling program, but I do know that back home in Columbus we just separate paper from other recyclables.  The rest is separated onsite.

I know that Bucknell has a “mandatory” practice, but since it’s only evaluated on what’s put in and not who puts it in, it only ends up punishing people.  Maybe when the policy was implemented back in 2006 a concerted effort was needed to ensure that recycling was done rather just throwing items away.  I would argue that today (especially with the smart and educated people here at Bucknell), people default to recycling unless they know they cannot and have to throw it away.  I certainly do.  Maybe an emphasis to limiting consumption and reusing should start being implemented?

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2 Responses to Trashy Fines

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  2. ChrisB says:

    I agree. Bucknell seems to just love to fine students for just about everything on campus. It only makes students mad at the system and not want them to work with the system in place. There should definitely be more of an emphasis on teaching about recycling instead of just punishing for doing it wrong.

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