Where are my options?

From freshman to junior year, I lived in campus housing.  I went from a triple room to a mod to a large double in Lari Cottage.  Going from a dorm to a mod sophomore year made that year a whole different experience.  It was more fun having a kitchen and actual living space. Going back to the dorm sucked.  I had a community bathroom again, no kitchen, and less space overall, although my room was very big.  I have been disappointed with the housing options Bucknell has.  All of the schools my friends attend have more apartment-like housing options after freshman year and a lot of my friends started living in a house with friends sophomore or junior year.  Bucknell does not have a variety of of housing options and some people can not even live downtown senior year, so they are stuck in university housing for four years.  I know Bucknell is in a very small town, but I wish they had an apartment style housing for juniors or even sophomores that give you more space and more freedom.  I also do not like how I was required to have a meal plan when I lived in the mods.  I had my own kitchen and was pretty far from the bison, so I did not go to campus much to get food.  I still had to get a meal plan though and this seemed a bit ridiculous to me and a waste of money.  Yes, I did get food at the bison on occasion and would get snacks in the library, but I wish I was able to just use campus dollars and not have any declining dollars that are non-refundable.  This is also true for the gateways, and I know some people who lived there last year were annoyed at having to have a meal plan as a senior when they had a kitchen in their gateway.  Trying to use up $700 (the minimum declining dollar amount I believe) when you cook and eat in your housing unit is not the easiest thing to do.

I wish Bucknell would create more apartments or housing options and take away the meal plan requirement if your housing has a kitchen.  It sucks listening to my friends talk about how they lived in an apartment sophomore year then a house for the two years after that.  I had to move back into a dorm room after having “apartment style” living sophomore year, and that was not very fun to me.  Bucknell needs more options other than dorms, in my mind.  I did not want to live in a dorm junior year that much and I wish I could have had another option that gave me more space and more freedom.  Living downtown now is awesome since I’m in an actual house, but we all know that there are even problems with that.  Maybe Bucknell should have a housing climate or some kind of forum about this.  Since they are adding new housing to the campus, I think they should try to satisfy students’ requests and maybe add some different housing options.

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2 Responses to Where are my options?

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  2. ChrisB says:

    Great point. The housing options at Bucknell are very limited. I feel like unless you luck out and get a very low number in the lotto you are most likely going to live in the same type of living situation all 4 years.

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