So much to see but nowhere to go

Don’t get me wrong I love Bucknell and everything it has to offer. Not many liberal arts schools have a management program like Bucknell does while also being a ton of fun. I could not have seen myself somewhere else for my four years of college. However, the one issue that has always arisen during my time here is that there is little to no transportation. I am from New York so I am used to having trains right at my disposal to go anywhere  I want to go for a weekend getaway. I also am not lucky enough to have a car on campus. I have plenty of friends who have cars so I always have ways to get home but if I want to go home on weekends other than breaks or visit friends at other schools I’m pretty much out of luck.

I know people will see “Well you can take Susquehanna Trailways to New York” and I want to be like “Yea it takes 7 hours from here to New York City”. (I’ve taken it before so it does take that long.) This type of transportation just isn’t going to cut it. People at college should be able to explore what else is out there not just be trapped in the bubble.

Bucknell has made an effort to provide more transportation by providing bus services right before breaks but I think there needs to be a way to go elsewhere on random weekends. Obviously building a commercial train system is probably out of the question so I propose that Bucknell provides bus services to major cities every other weekend. To gauge the demand they should test it out and see how many people will sign up in order to test out if it would be worth while. I have a feeling a lot of people would sign up for it and it would be another for Bucknell to make money.

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