Trapped Like a Rat

How the hell am I supposed to get out of the place without a car? Bucknell attracts students from all over the U.S. and all over the world. To get here, a lot of these students have to fly. I myself, am one of them. However getting in and out of this campus is a big hassle and can be almost a deal breaker for perspective students. Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped here.

Here’s how you get in or out of Lewisburg without a car of your own. 1. Take a Susquehanna Trailways bus. This bus is overpriced, dirty, always late, and slow as molasses. It takes 6 hours to get to Philly or New York (Don’t let the “schedule” fool you). I like to consider myself tolerant of unfamiliar situations, but some of the people on these buses are the epitome of “sketch.” 2. Take the Bucknell shuttles. These shuttles are pretty good however they only run before and after breaks, are fairly pricey, and only Bucknell students can take them. If your friends want to come visit or if you are going somewhere not on the first or last day of a break, this is not an option (Positive note: if you happen to luck out and be the only one (or two) taking a certain shuttle, it could be an executive town car). 3. Rent a ZipCar. This is a new option and a good step forward. ZipCars are reasonably priced and are flexible to your schedule, however, they only work for day or overnight trips leaving and returning to Bucknell so it only marginally helps. 4. The Ride Board. No… just no.

Examples of this being a problem. 1. I needed to make it to New York City for an interview today so I rented a ZipCar for a day and change. However, I needed to not only pay for the car but also for parking in Hoboken. Then coming back I ran into an unholy amount of traffic, was late returning the car and now I’m getting a big ol’ fine. 2. Coming back from Thanksgiving break I am taking the red-eye and getting into Harrisburg at 9am on Monday. There are no shuttles/buses running then. The only way I could get to school is having my friend pick me up, obviously a huge hassle for him and I feel bad calling in all these favors. 3. Leaving at the end of this semester I’m trying to fly out the last Thursday of finals. There are no shuttles. The last Thursday of finals and there are no shuttles?? Are you freakin’ kidding me? I could wait till Friday to fly out, but flying the last weekend before Christmas is a nightmare that no one should have to endure. I still don’t know how I’m getting to the airport. Keep in mind all three of these problems are within basically a one month period, if I listed ALL the problems I have had with transportation at Bucknell, your hand would get tired from scrolling.

Why do I have to channel the spirit of MacGyver whenever I am making simple travel plans and engineer an overly complicated plan to get the hell out of this place? This is not a way to attract prospective students from far away places who are not going to drive to and from campus. Bucknell is at a disadvantage being far away from “civilization,” it can easily eliminate this problem by adding more transportation options. Step your game up Bucknell.

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4 Responses to Trapped Like a Rat

  1. Slade says:

    I have to take Susquehanna Trailways sometimes to get back to school and I am scared to fall asleep… And its not because of potentially missing my stop.

  2. tesoman says:

    I travel alot and it is really rediculous to plan a trip. The time my flight leaves, to the time the train to the airport from Harrisburg leaves all hinge on the Trailways time. $20 for an hour ride to Harrisburg is ridiculous where I pay $40 for a train to Newark Airport. Worse than leaving is coming back to Bucknell, because I have oftern forgotten to consider that last bus trip and when I have had flight delays (which have happened twice), once I was lucky enough to have a fraternity brother pick me up from the airport but the second time I spent the night in Harrisburg Airport. As my cousin always says, “Getting to your school is like trying to find the elixor of life!”

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