Interested in Africa? Speaker…

This might be interesting to some of you.  The horror of having survived genocide may makes it relevant for all.


Please mark your calendar for a powerful speaker who will share his experiences with the Rwandan genocide and its aftermath at 7:30 pm, Monday, November 21, in the Center Room of the Langone Center.  Habimana Twamu Emmanuel, a genocide survivor who was orphaned by the violent brutality of 1994, will present “Lessons of Genocide.”

This young man is working with the Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center in Kigali.  He’s in the US completing work on the National Geographic documentary The Children Who Lived.  Emmanuel will talk about his own family’s experience, discuss his work with young people who came of age in the aftermath of tragic violence, and share some excerpts from the movie he is making.

This program will be of particular interest to students in international relations, children’s studies, peace and conflict resolution, social justice, anthropology, sociology, psychology and African Studies classes.  Please encourage your students to attend.  The event is co-sponsored by the Bucknell African Student Association, the Department of Sociology, International Student Services, and the Office of Civic Engagement.


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