Increased Transparency

This summer I was talking to my internship supervisor who was telling me why she made a relatively large career change. She went from working in the cosmetic industry to working for a non-profit healthcare company. She told me she made this change because people at her old company would give her plenty of work and tasks, but at the end of the day she found that she had very little actual feedback and implementation regarding her ideas. She liked her new company instead because she saw her ideas succeed, but also saw what the reasons were behind decisions when they did not succeed.

The hardest thing that an employee can hear from a higher up is that their idea/plan/research/hard work will not be used or implemented. Depending on the way that this is communicated, it often creates dissent. My 60 Second Idea is a very micro idea but is important and can be implemented in virtually any form of a traditional business structure. If the top-level employees would just list a few reasons why their other employees ideas/research/work were not implemented in the company would create a higher level of respect and also generate more ways for the employees to rethink the issues in their ideas or research. This could lead to more efficient and better ideas as well as better business decisions and ventures because of the increased quality in ideas.

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4 Responses to Increased Transparency

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  2. Jordi says:

    That is a great idea. It is one of my new “tipping point” ideas- ideas that find high-leverage points to change behavior.

    Your idea is also called “open book” management. Here is one WSJ describing <a href="; open book management at a pool cover company. It was a term used more ten years ago and I am afraid got dismissed as a “fad.” The problem with many management fads is that they end up being window-dressing on practices and structures that don’t really change.

    To do what you are describing, I think, requires a degree of trust and openness across formal roles that most managers and employers find threatening. Me? Explain myself? Why, that is, is, just not realistic. It is just not feasible. ;<)

  3. Jordi says:

    Your cartoon reminds me of a friend (very radical) who told me “if voting mattered, it would be illegal.”

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